A few months ago Imagine Learning released its first mobile learning app, Bookster. The response has been better than we had hoped for. Parents and teachers around the world have been downloading Bookster at a consistently high rate. This week we were thrilled to see Bookster surpass 10,000 downloads!

Bookster is essentially a reading app. It features one of the books from Imagine Learning English, and it contains many of the same instructional components, including sync-highlighted text, vocabulary words that you can tap to hear again, and a read and record feature that lets users record and listen to their voices. The story features dynamic artwork by New York Times best-selling illustrator Maryn Roos.

Both parents and teachers have been putting Bookster to good use. Here are a few of the ways they’re doing it:

“I used your Bookster iPad app today with a group of 1-3 grade special education students. They LOVED it. Also, it was such a great lead-in to our art project. After reading What If, I had the kids take turns recording the pages. We then listened to their recorded version of the story. They laughed and laughed! I then had them go to the computer and invent an animal similar to the What If storyline.”

“Good job. This app has high educational value. My kindergarten students loved this app. They enjoyed recording themselves. It is very well thought out. The story is very appropriate. I have an entire class of English language learners, and we do a lot of echo reading in class so this was perfect for them!”

“I love the record and playback mode. My kids love hearing their own voices reading the book. The page-turning feature is fun too. Even my 1-year-old can swipe his finger to turn the page (he gets a big kick out of doing it himself, too). I’m blown away by the quality of artwork for a free app.”

If your school has begun using iPods or iPads, we’d love to have you try Bookster. And if your school doesn’t yet have mobile devices in the classroom, please download Bookster for your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc.  It’s a lot of fun!

Please leave comments with feedback. This app is still in development, and we plan to add more books in the future. If there are ways to improve this app to help your struggling readers, English learnersearly childhood students, or students with disabilities, we welcome your suggestions.

To download Bookster, look for it in the iTunes store or click here.

For more information about the app, click here.

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