Tablets and other mobile devices are sure to be popular stocking stuffers this holiday season, and while these gadgets are fun for watching movies and playing games, they can also make reading a blast for your kids.

Imagine Learning’s free reading app, Bookster, now has 9 books on the shelf for your kids to enjoy. Your whole family will love reading about everything from monsters to mosquitos in these interactive e-books:

1. What if? What if a dog had a fish’s tail? And what if a pig had a bear’s fingernails? Captivate your child’s imagination with this original story about fanciful animal pairings. What If? features colorful illustrations, engaging narration, and predictable text that helps early readers master new vocabulary and prepare to read on their own.

2. Moving. A young girl says goodbye to her favorite friend, teacher, and home—and then says hello to new friends and favorites in this easy-to-read tale. Moving features simplified text that helps young readers learn new words like hello and goodbye, as well as beautiful illustrations that boost reading comprehension.

3. Fun With Fruit. Follow an adorable monkey through an entire week of feasting on fruits—from mangoes on Monday to sweet cherries on Saturday. With imaginative illustrations and narration by a young reader, Fun with Fruit keeps children engaged as they learn to recognize new words like numbers and the days of the week.

4. Zoo Day. Hooray! It’s zoo day, and you’re invited along as Sam visits all the animals—from silly monkeys to tall giraffes to polar bears that swim and splash. This playful story helps children learn ordinal numbers like first, second, and third while keeping them entertained with fun illustrations and exuberant narration from a fellow young reader.

5. Is it a Monster? It’s time for a backyard campout full of snacks and fun. But wait, what’s that tall, dark shadow? And whose big, yellow eyes are those? Find out in this enchanting tale of childhood fun that features sync-highlighted text and exciting narration to help readers follow along.

6. The Pesky Mosquito. Buzz! Where will that pesky mosquito fly next? Will he fly near a rock or right by your sock? Let your imagination take flight in this engaging story that features easy-to-read rhyming text and words that highlight as they’re read aloud.

7. Dragon Flies. Dragon is ready for an adventure—are you? Your kids will love this exhilarating tale of high-flying action and adventure, and you’ll love the exciting illustrations and fun narration that keep kids engaged and reading.

8. Maggie’s Kite. Maggie’s kite has pulled her off the ground, and she needs help! Find out if her friends at Monster Camp can save her in this exciting story featuring fun illustrations, easy-to-learn vocabulary words, and exciting narration by young readers.

9. Where is Tiny? Tiny is missing—can you help find him? Don’t forget to look outside and all over the house—you just might find a bigger pet than you bargained for in this entertaining book that features easy-to-read text and fun illustrations.

Download Bookster today–it’s the perfect holiday gift for young readers and their parents.