Bryant Elementary making news

Students at Bryant Elementary are among the most dedicated Imagine Learning users in the country. They recently received the Top 50 Award for top-notch usage and were featured on the Sioux City KTIV News. Struggling readers and English language learners are using the program to increase vocabulary and practice reading skills. The school is committed to ensuring that students use the program for at least 90 minutes each week. Teachers even allow kids to come before school to have extra time on the program, and the hard work is paying off. Teachers say test scores show that the kids are making great progress. Congratulations, Bryant Elementary!

Watch the KTIV News story.


5 ways to fit Common Core into your curriculum

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Adjusting your curriculum to address Common Core standards is not easy. According to a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, the Common Core standards are substantially different from previous state standards, not only in curriculum but in the cognitive skills they demand. Common Core focuses on higher order skills, like “understanding and analyzing written material,” rather than “memorization and performing procedures.” To help with these higher order skills, take a look at five ways Imagine Learning can bring the Common Core into your classroom curriculum.

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The new kids on the block

As you’re going through lesson plans this summer and prepping for the upcoming school year, you might be surprised to know that some of the most advanced educational tools for developing creativity … are right in your kids’ toy bin. Read more »