Classroom Funding Spotlight: Donors Choose

According to the NEA, teachers annually spend almost $2,000 out of pocket for their classrooms. And most of that money goes for supplies.

However, when teachers need to fund a larger project—for anything from a school fieldtrip to technology updates—they generally need outside help. And that help may seem hard to come by, especially in disadvantaged areas.

Fortunately, today’s educators can turn to online crowdfunding as a strategy. And Donors Choose is one of the best crowdfunding organizations out there for teachers.

Donors Choose logo

Background Info

Donors Choose began when a Bronx, NY high school history teacher launched a philanthropic website dedicated to teachers’ project requests.

Once celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Stephen Colbert got on board, the site really went into overdrive. The Gates Foundation also offered support.

To date, Donors Choose has helped teachers fund well over half a million projects in all fifty states. Read more »


A post-literate age?

Have you ever heard the phrase “post-literate age?” I personally had never heard the concept before reading Christopher Doyle’s article in Education Week. The idea in general, however, is not foreign to me. The discussion regarding society moving away from literacy to more simplified technological mediums is a very prevalent and controversial topic.

In the article, Doyle focuses on how his students turn to books less and less. He says, “Books, long idealized as foundational shapers of intellect, no longer mold young people’s minds. While continuing to tout their merits, educators marginalize books and have not come to grips with the book’s declining role in society. Over the last few years, my high school students’ facility for print culture has atrophied markedly.” To the older generation, this is a concern. We learned our skills and knowledge from textbooks. It was the focal point of our learning. Because it is how we are used to education, we are concerned when our younger generation seems to disregard those important tools.

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The iPad: Your secret weapon for helping struggling readers

Are you looking for a secret weapon to help your struggling readers catch up with their peers and learn to love reading? According to this article from the Sydney Morning Herald, you may be overlooking a powerful tool that can help students accelerate their reading development, improve comprehension, and get excited about books. That’s right, it’s the iPad. Here’s why it works:

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Professional development that’s fit for the summer

Your students are out of school and off having fun while you’re busy scheduling professional development opportunities into your calendar. Don’t let your summer PD get in the way of your fun — make it an integral part with this list of three great ideas.

No dragging your feet to these events. These professional development opportunities will leave you feeling renewed and inspired (while still leaving you time to relax).

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