Meet Our 2016 Limerick Contest Winners

Four leaf clover Imagine Learning limerick contest results 2016Imagine Learning has held an annual limerick contest for quite a few years now–and each year we’re amazed by your creativity.Congratulations, 2016 contestants! You made it hard to choose our favorites. But that’s a good problem to have.In the end, our judges voted on the most creative uses of our “school and learning” theme.So, with no further ado … DRUMROLL … we announce our 2016 winners:


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A Limerick Is a Rhyme Just in Time for St. Patty’s

Imagine Learning, Nick, The Limerick Song, video screenshot

Nick, the Limerick Maker


Hark, ye lasses and lads, it’s that time of year when leprechauns plan merry mischief in the green fields and woods.

It’s also time for Imagine Learning’s annual limerick contest. Here’s one to get you started:

There once was a young lad named Nick
Who loved to perform a neat trick:
He crafted a rhyme—
So fine; so sublime,
And called it his best limerick.

Can you beat Nick at his rhyming game? We’re betting you can. And you’ll learn all about rhyming in the bargain!

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#Where’s Booster? In the Winners’ Circle, of Course

Our first-ever #WheresBooster contest was a success, thanks to all our Instagram friends. What an amazing array of #WheresBooster photos you sent us!

Every single ‘Flat Booster’ made us smile, from Booster playing basketball to visiting the library to eating Oreos. It turns out that Booster does a lot of things and goes a lot of places beyond our Imagine Learning program. Who knew? Thank you for being so creative. Read more »


#WheresBooster Now? On Instagram, Of Course

It’s easy to recognize Imagine Learning’s most famous robot, Booster. He smiles and waves each time an Imagine Learning user logs on. And of course, he loves to give out lots of Booster Bits to his friends!

Booster robot, Imagine Learning

Although Booster is usually content to spend time in Imagine Learning activities, for Valentine’s Day he wants to travel to as many places as he can. And you can help him by following the instructions on this page.


Enter Imagine Learning’s #WheresBooster Contest

In past blog posts, we taught you how to draw Booster and use Booster’s Valentine Creator to send a fun greeting to friends and family.

But this Valentine’s Day, we’re trying something a little bit different with our first #WheresBooster contest on Instagram, open to both students and teachers. Read more »


Spring into Action contest winners

Over the past month, we have been running a Spring into Action contest for Imagine Learning teachers and school site experts. Teachers were asked to try our new Action Areas™ tool, and then tell us how it worked to enter a contest for an iPad mini. We are happy to see that thousands of teachers are now using the Action Areas tool! Drum roll, please . . . .

The new owners of an iPad mini are:

  • Kasi Davis, a site expert from Asbell Elementary
  • Raquel Jaeger, a teacher from Whittier Elementary


Congratulations to our winners! Winning an iPad is awesome, but knowing how to use the Action Areas tool is pretty great too. Teachers love the Action Areas tool because it pinpoints which skills students are struggling with and provides resources (printouts and activities) for immediate intervention. By grouping students together who are having trouble in the same area, the tool also forms instant intervention groups. So the Action Areas tool simplifies intervention. And simplified intervention means more happy teachers and more kids on track. Happy day.