The Culture of Imagine Learning Español

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Learning about España

In Imagine Learning Español, young students have a great time learning to read in Spanish.

As students begin their learning paths, they listen to letter and syllable sounds, sing along to captivating songs, and build reading skills in activities made just for them.

But most kids are less familiar with how Spanish is spoken around the world. They might think that every Spanish speaker sounds just like them!

The designers of Imagine Learning Español want to help young readers of Spanish appreciate the wider world that surrounds them.

With this goal in mind, Imagine Learning Español includes cultural activities featuring Spanish-speaking countries around the globe. Read more »


Earth Day Is Here–Are Your Students Ready?

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Photo credit: Blue Marble

Just when spring fever hits hard in classrooms across the country, Earth Day 2016 appears as a welcome friend on the horizon.

How will you and your students celebrate Earth Day this Friday, April 22nd? Read more about the history of this important event before you decide.

Why Earth Day?

After a Wisconsin senator witnessed firsthand the toxic effects of a Santa Barbara, CA oil spill in 1969, he knew it was time to rally the public, inspiring all to protect the earth’s environment.

On April 22, 1970, the first-annual Earth Day was born.

At the time, over 20 million people across America rallied for a cleaner environment. Year by year, participation increased and Earth Day events became more popular.

When Earth Day went global in 1990, it was celebrated by over 200 million people worldwide.

Each year, many important changes occur because of Earth Day celebrations. For example: Read more »


Empowering Autistic Students: 7 Strategies for Teachers

Imagine This blog autism spectrum disorder empowering strategies teachersEach year during World Autism Awareness Day (April 2nd), advocates–and even corporate buildings–wear blue as they pledge to shine a light on autism. Those with available means also donate monetarily.

To say that autism is an important cause would be an understatement.

Today, more than 3.5 million Americans exhibit some type of autistic disorder. In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that autism impacts one in sixty-eight births.

Based on these statistics, it’s a given that Pre-K and elementary school teachers will encounter students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in their classrooms.

That said, children exhibiting signs of ASD may go undiagnosed, resulting in confusion for both teacher and student.

Even if teachers know a student has ASD, they may not know the best learning and behavioral strategies for that student. In short, teachers need empowerment strategies–both for themselves and for their ASD students. Read more »


Imagine Learning partners in Chile

National Flag of ChileImagine Learning’s mission is to change the lives of the children of the world by teaching language and literacy.

This mission includes students in Chile, particularly at José de San Martín de San Felipe school. This school is dedicated to providing powerful learning tools to their students, and they share how they started using the program for that purpose in August of 2015.

Teachers use Imagine Learning so that students can receive individualized learning opportunities to listen, speak, read, and write in English. They refer to Imagine Learning as a “very entertaining way” to learn English.

Read the full post here.


Imagine Learning partners with VUS

Imagine Learning is pleased to announce a recent partnership with the VUS organization in Vietnam. Last year, a partner in Southern California introduced the company to VUS and since then, that introduction has blossomed into a full international partnership. Executives at Imagine Learning are pleased about this international venture and believe the partnership has great potential for future growth.

Imagine Learning's CEO, Joe Swenson, and Director of International Business, Ben Eyre, with VUS partners

VUS believes in equipping Vietnam’s next generation with one of the sharpest tools for success: English. With its multiple training centers throughout Ho Chi Minh, the company seeks to teach English and thus enrich students’ knowledge, broaden their vision, and allow them to integrate into world education. Learning English not only makes a difference to the students’ own lives, but it contributes to Vietnam’s social development as a whole.

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