Celebrate World Teachers’ Day

Today more than 100 countries are uniting to honor educators for their tireless service. It’s World Teachers’ Day—an annual celebration started by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to raise awareness for teachers and the vital role they play.

Join us in celebrating World Teachers’ Day by reflecting on the powerful effect teachers have had in your life. No doubt, you’ll soon be full of gratitude, but don’t keep it bottled up inside! Here are six ways to spread the love:

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Why International Thank You Day matters

I love special days: holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries . . . you name it. For me, any excuse to break with the old routine and do something different is what makes all the less-than-groovy days worth all the work. At Imagine Learning, December was a month overflowing with celebrations. Maybe I’m just suffering from holiday season withdrawals, but a few days back I thought, “When is the next celebration?” Perhaps you’re feeling something similar.

Like Batman to his Batcave, to the Internet I went. After just a few minutes of searching, I was thrilled to find that the calendar is actually packed with holidays, festivals, anniversaries, and civic observances. Take today, for instance. Read more »