Imagine Learning

To engage students, we’ve developed Imagine Learning, an award-winning language and literacy software program that features interactive activities, videos, and games. It’s research-based, instructionally differentiated, and incredibly fun to use.

Imagine Learning v14

Additional exciting content in Imagine Learning v14.4

More foundational skills, greater academic rigor, and the Lexile® Framework for Reading

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  • Thirty-six percent more content since Fall 2014
  • More extensive instruction in reading multisyllabic words
  • Highly decodable folktales from cultures around the world
  • More authentic texts, including Associated Press news articles
  • Figurative language activities that build advanced reading skills
  • Beginning, middle, and end-of-year assessments that offer Lexile® measures

Welcome to a whole new level of learning engagement! To learn more, watch our video (right).

Action Areas Tool

Action Areas Tool

Immediate, actionable data that empowers teachers

The Action Areas Tool enables teachers to quickly identify students who need more help and skills that need more work. The Skill Groups tab allows teachers to group students by skill and form instant intervention groups. Just as importantly, the Action Areas Tool immediately supplies teachers with useful information, such as Common Core alignments and additional intervention resources. Imagine Learning activities can be launched right from the Intervention Tools panel, giving teachers instant access to a wealth of content that can be used for guided practice. Teachers may also print supporting worksheets for small-group instruction or for students to practice at home. For added convenience, the Action Areas Tool is also accessible on iPad, Android tablet, or Windows tablet, facilitating teacher-led intervention groups.

  • Instant data = instant intervention
    • Instant intervention groups with resources
    • Common Core, TEKS, and ELD alignments
    • Tablet accessibility for teacher-led remediation
Research-Based Instruction

Research-Based Instruction

Instruction that's as individualized as your students

Because every child has unique learning needs, a one-size-fits-all approach will not support all students. Fortunately, Imagine Learning offers personalized, systematic instruction that adapts to each student. For example, the program builds literacy skills in a logical manner so that students learn letters first and words second. Along with this systematic instruction, students receive feedback that helps them answer questions, such as applying a strategy they have been taught or re-reading a section of a book to look for an answer. Imagine Learning further individualizes the student experience with checkpoints that determine how (or if) a student receives additional instruction on a particular skill. These instructional details allow teachers to spend their time where it matters most: teaching.

  • A differentiated approach
    • Explicit, targeted instruction
    • Instructive feedback
    • Ongoing placement
English Language Learner Support

English Language Learner Support

Enhanced support in a child's primary language

Imagine Learning provides strategic first-language support in 15 languages to facilitate and enhance English language learning. As students become more proficient in English, this language support gradually fades, preparing students for English-only environments. In addition to strategic translations, the program also uses peer modeling to illustrate concepts more clearly. Same-age peers explain what words and phrases mean in rich, contextualized examples. By seeing real kids use key vocabulary in real-life settings, ELLs are more engaged, which helps them understand each concept more fully. Imagine Learning also provides scaffolded practice—including front-loaded vocabulary, graphic organizers, and clickable glossary words with translations—to support English language learners every step of the way.

  • 15 languages supported. New languages added regularly.
      • Spanish
      • Portuguese
      • French
      • Haitian Creole
      • Korean
      • Vietnamese
      • Mandarin
      • Japanese
      • Arabic
      • Russian
      • Marshallese
      • Tagalog
      • Cantonese
      • Hmong
      • Somali
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Motivation & Engagement

Motivation and Engagement

It’s easy to turn on—And thanks to our engaging content—hard to turn off.

Through interactive multimedia presentations, videos, and games, Imagine Learning immerses students into a new world of education, demonstrating how much fun learning can be. Catchy sing-a-longs and fast-paced automaticity keep students fully engaged. Colorful characters join students in the lessons, and Booster the robot whisks students off to a new world full of adventure and knowledge on Imagine Island. Imagine Learning’s game-like educational activities captivate students, while achievement-recognition certificates motivate kids to learn as they play. Students love setting a new record or beating their high score. Additionally, after students collect performance-based virtual Booster Bit tokens, Imagine Learning Cloud encourages better self-monitoring as students use Booster Bits to customize their own museum environments. The best part? With each entertaining activity, students strengthen important literacy skills, so everybody wins.

To see how gamification engages students, download our student engagement white paper.

  • Make fun of learning
    • Interactive multimedia
    • Game-like educational activities
    • Achievement recognition
  • Play Sample Video
  • Sample Activity
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Literacy Instruction

Literacy Instruction

Literacy that illuminates each child's future

Acquiring literacy is a step-by-step process. To help students get from point A to Z, Imagine Learning incorporates the five essential components of reading: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Also, as students read literature and informational text adapted to their skill level, they learn reading strategies and receive guidance along the way. When answering common comprehension questions, students receive immediate, instructive feedback. Meanwhile, literacy instruction helps students throughout the school day. For example, as students read passages on math, science, and history, they stay engaged while increasing their background knowledge base.

  • Steps to success
    • Direct reading-strategies instruction
    • Differentiated reading passages
    • E-text support, in-text glossaries
  • Play Sample Video
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Common Core Standards

Standards-Aligned Curriculum

A targeted focus that raises the bar

Because Imagine Learning is built specifically to address Common Core, TEKS, ELD alignments, and other state standards, students enjoy immediate access to a diverse array of critical content that prepares them for the demands of college and career-level reading. The program features over 4,100 engaging activities that target these state-aligned categories: Informational Text, Foundational Skills, Literature, and Language. Students are exposed to a variety of texts, which—together with direct instruction in reading, speaking, and listening skills—equip them for future success outside of the classroom.

  • A cure for the Common Core
    • Includes instruction in
    • Grammar
    • Informational text features
    • Compare and contrast strategies
    • Understanding informational
  • Play Sample Video
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Language Development

Language Development

Language instruction that spells success

Without comprehension, reading is just saying words. Using meaningful and varied instructional strategies, Imagine Learning helps students not only understand individual words, but also increases the comprehensibility of the entire text. To develop critical language skills, Imagine Learning focuses on basic vocabulary, academic language, and grammar. Sound instruction also nurtures and bolsters students’ ability to effectively communicate with the world around them, making them better students now and better leaders in the years ahead. The program also teaches hundreds of words that students will encounter in language arts, science, math, and social studies. This broader vocabulary helps kids bridge the gap between the two most important areas of their lives: the playground and the classroom.

  • Every day language
    • Basic vocabulary
    • Academic language
    • Grammar
    • Listening comprehension
  • Play Sample Video
  • Sample Activity
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Assessments and Reports

Assessments & Reports

The curriculum they need—with the data you need

Measuring growth has never been so easy. Imagine Learning celebrates its partnership with MetaMetrics®, creator of the nationally recognized Lexile® Framework for Reading, which provides students with Lexile measures after key assessments. Teachers use these student measures to document student growth and find books with corresponding text measures.

Additionally, through Imagine Learning’s Smart Sequencer™, students receive exactly the curriculum they need. When students begin the program, they encounter a series of questions that assess their current developmental level. This initial placement considers literacy and language abilities and then assigns each student to an individualized learning path.

Imagine Learning provides detailed reporting, including data on student progress and skill mastery. The program can also provide customized reports for parents, teachers, and district administrators. Teachers benefit from an interactive data portfolio, which provides valuable information for effective, targeted student intervention. The Action Areas Tool pinpoints areas of struggle while it provides focused intervention printouts and activities. The Growth Tool offers a historical view of student growth compared to similar students within a desired progression range.

Imagine Learning Cloud also offers access to usage and progress tools. The Usage Tool shows usage patterns over time and tracks against weekly and yearly usage goals. The Progress Tool reveals demonstrated proficiency levels by curriculum area, current standings compared to target levels, and performance over time. As teachers use gained insights to inform instruction and offer focused intervention, they see the true power of these tools.

  • A better measuring stick
    • Customized reports
    • Action Areas Intervention Tool
    • Growth, Usage, and Progress tools
    • Lexile® measures
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Tablets and Chromebooks

Multi-device accessibility for your classroom

Putting literacy right at your students’ fingertips has never been easier. With Imagine Learning on iPads, Android tablets, and Chromebooks, teachers and students can enjoy engaging, interactive content during teacher-guided lessons. Optimized for touchscreen use, Imagine Learning for tablets still offers all of the engaging music, videos, graphics, animation, and gorgeous illustrations from our award-winning artists. Interoperability is a snap—just jump from one device to another without missing a beat. Blended learning is easier than ever because of superior technology and established learning principles—maximizing the classroom experience for all. For a complete list of device specifications, please refer to our System Requirements Summary.

  • Hands-on learning
    • Optimized for touchscreen use
    • Interoperability between devices
    • Teacher-led activities and lessons
  • Read-along comprehension
  • Letter shapes and sounds
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Support and Training

Support and Training

A helping hand when you need it the most.

At Imagine Learning, our software is only part of our solution-driven mission. We know that to have a positive impact on students’ lives, the program must run smoothly and those who manage it on a daily basis must be properly trained and have all the support they need. When we enter into a partnership with a school, we hold a training session for all the teachers, coaches, and aides who will be working with Imagine Learning on a daily basis. We’ve even prepared site expert kits that explain how to champion the Imagine Learning program at school. These chosen site experts ensure that all licenses are assigned, reports are generated, and that student usage is increased. Additionally, a live representative is just a phone call away to answer questions or resolve concerns. Our support staff is happy to fix any issues that may arise, whether by remote access or in person.

Imagine Learning Support

We put the "us" in customer

As your partner, Imagine Learning provides
training sessions and live customer support.

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