Academic success for English learners

  • Presenter: Lise Ragan, CEO, Course Crafters, Inc.
  • Length: 52 minutes

This practical webinar provides background and information on English learners, the fastest-growing student population in K-12. Today, seventy-five percent of all teachers have at least one English learner in their classroom; by 2025, at the current growth rate, one in four students nationwide will be an English learner. These students are all required to demonstrate grade-level achievement in academic subjects, in English. However, academic achievement data suggests that they lag far behind their peers in reading, math, and science. Hispanic students, who comprise nearly 80% of all English learners, trail their white peers by an average of more than 20 test-score points on the NAEP math and reading assessments at 4th and 8th grades. This gap has not narrowed for 20 years.

To help school districts close the achievement gap, webinar viewers will learn about the unique challenges of English learners in reading, math, science, and social studies, and the critical importance of effective professional development and family engagement programs directed at these students.