Turning the Tide: Strategies for Closing the English Learner Achievement Gap

  • Presenter: Marc Liebman, Chief Academic Officer at Imagine Learning & Mia A. Allen, Curriculum Specialist at Imagine Learning
  • Length: 56 minutes

Recent findings from the National Center for Education Statistics show that despite numerous policies and programs designed to help English learners catch up with their native-speaking peers, the English learner achievement gap has continued to grow over the last ten years.

In this webinar, former superintendent Marc Liebman and dual language educator Mia Allen share essential strategies for keeping English learners motivated in the classroom, as well as valuable insights into the issues and roadblocks that can prevent this growing student population from finding success. You’ll learn how to implement technology-based approaches that are proven to help English learners overcome obstacles and succeed in school. You’ll also leave with strategies you can implement right away to start narrowing the achievement gap for your English learners.