Where’s the Money? Finding More Funding for Programs and Projects

  • Presenter: Dr. Marc Liebman, Chief Academic Officer at Imagine Learning & Dave Markov, Grants and Funding Specialist at Imagine Learning
  • Length: 47 minutes

In this webinar, former superintendent Dr. Marc Liebman and grants and funding specialist Dave Markov look at strategies for locating needed dollars to fund educational priorities and technology. Using a practical and educated approach, districts can learn how to rise above their funding crunch and find out where the money is. Strategies include: how to establish the funding-finding mindset; how to use free and low-cost Internet resources to aid your search; and how to write grant applications that motivate the funder.

Along with these strategies, you’ll also learn tips to maximize existing resources, how to increase donations from the private sector, and discover why “you can always find money for your highest priorities.”