Removing Barriers to Learning for Long-Term English Learners

  • Presenter: Lily Wong Fillmore, Jerome A. Hutto Professor of Education Emerita at University of California, Berkeley
  • Length: 63 minutes

Long-term English learners often struggle to reach proficiency in literacy and writing. So what can you do to help this growing student population jump-start the developmental process and acquire the literacy skills necessary for academic success? Join renowned educator and author Lily Wong Fillmore as she addresses key questions related to long-term English learners, a growing group of students who rarely receive the support they need to attain true proficiency and succeed in secondary grades.

In this presentation, you’ll learn why so many English learners appear to stall in their efforts to learn English as a second language. You’ll also learn how academic English instruction, combined with the right kind of instructional support, can help long-term English learners overcome obstacles to reaching proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking.