A Better Foundation to Build On: Imagine Learning Español

  • Presenter: Rossana Camacho, Instructional Designer, Imagine Learning
  • Length: 47 minutes

Many Spanish-language software products are literal translations of the original English versions. Imagine Learning Español was developed specifically for young children learning to read Spanish. A balanced approach to literacy in Spanish is applied with correct modeling and sufficient practice. Letters and sounds are taught strategically. Vowels are taught first, followed by consonants, according to frequency. Syllabication is contextualized through authentic reading experiences, giving students a full picture of what reading is all about.

While standard Spanish is used for instruction and modeling, multiple accents are strategically used to expose students to the nuanced differences of the Spanish-speaking world. Highlighting the cultural and linguistic richness of Spanish-speaking countries provides students with a more meaningful educational experience. This webinar gives a preview of this new and innovative software program which will be released to schools in January.