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Carve your own Imagine Learning pumpkins

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Blog Pumpkin Main Picture-01.png

If you’re looking to carve unique and easy pumpkins this year, Imagine Learning is here to help! We are excited to release seven new pumpkin carving patterns of Imagine Learning characters. These designs include characters from across Imagine Learning’s products, including Scratch and Candi of Imagine Math Facts; Lulu of Imagine Español; and Lily, Mel, and Booster from Imagine Language & Literacy. Download the pumpkin patterns here: Imagine Learning Pumpkin Patterns.

What designs are you carving this year? We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Make sure to tag us (@imaginelearning) so we can see your creative work!

Lulu from Imagine EspanolCandi, a character from Imagine Math Facts  Mel, a character from Imagine Language & Literacy