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Texas students using Imagine Math make significant mathematical gains for two straight years

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Research shows growth levels nearly doubled for students in grades 3–4 who use Imagine Math during 2016–2017 and 2017–2018
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Two studies of over 150,000 students from several districts in Texas showed that students who used Imagine Math educational software program during the 2016–2017 and 2017–2018 school years experienced significant gains in every grade category when completing at least one Imagine Math lesson per week.

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The Texas Quantile Report, which evaluated student growth during each school year, looked at benchmark math scores for students in grades 3–9. When comparing “Average Expected” and “Observed Quantile Score Growth” by grade, the report noted that Texas students that regularly used Imagine Math greatly outscored predicted growth levels as determined by a separate Metametrics® study. Students in all grade levels surpassed expected growth values, with users in grades 3–6 standing out as the highest achievers, and students in grades 3–4 almost doubling expected growth levels.

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The studies reported that Texas students who used Imagine Math regularly throughout the 2016–2017 school year achieved average gains of 131Q based on the Quantile® Framework by Metametrics® and students who used Imagine Math regularly during 2017–2018 achieved average gains of 129Q—both substantial findings. Additionally, the studies found that the more students used the Imagine Math program, the higher their math gains were. 

“We’re very excited about the growth in our Texas Imagine Math students,” expressed Joe Swenson, CEO of Imagine Learning. “Our goal is to help students across the country reach their academic potential and we love seeing that happen for students in Texas.”

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“These studies demonstrate how incorporating an effective math supplemental digital education program like Imagine Math can help students of all ages, grades, and skill levels to increase their conceptual understanding and procedural knowledge of math skills,” shared Linda Hardman, Executive Director of Instructional Design over Mathematics at Imagine Learning. 

Imagine Math, one of four products created by leading educational software company Imagine Learning, is a digital learning tool designed to improve mathematics proficiency for students from grade three through middle school with a specific focus on building to success in algebra. The research- and evidence-based program combines carefully crafted instruction with an engaging, game-like format which teaches students while they “play.” Additionally, Imagine Math students have access to immediate digital feedback and live teacher support to ensure mathematical concepts are thoroughly mastered. Currently, over 1.7 million students in almost 8,000 schools across the US use Imagine Math.

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