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Imagine Learning Chosen by the Texas Education Agency to Provide Blended Learning Math Products for Math Innovation Zones Program 

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Blueprint and Imagine Math chosen as approved blended learning programs for Texas Education Agency MIZ Program
Students using Imagine Math 3-8

Imagine Learning was chosen by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide blended learning math products for the statewide Math Innovation Zones (MIZ) Program. With the 2018 acquisition of Reasoning Mind, Imagine Learning now offers two of the four TEA-approved blended learning products, Imagine Math PreK-2 and Imagine Math 3-8. Currently, Imagine Learning is delivering math programming to over 677,000 students in 2,452 schools throughout all twenty Texas Education Service Areas, including eight MIZ cohort districts.  

The goal of the Math Innovation Zone program is to dramatically increase math achievement throughout Texas and offer an opportunity for students to demonstrate true mastery of mathematical concepts utilizing proven blended learning instructional methods.   

Imagine Learning’s Imagine Math PreK-2 and Imagine Math, for students from Pre-K through eighth grade, offer personalized, adaptive experiences that were designed and built to support the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and deliver the necessary conceptual foundations for grade-level mastery and college and career readiness. 

Aligning closely to TEA’s blended learning definition from the Clayton Christensen Institute, the web-based, self-pacing programs can be implemented in a variety of ways within the classroom and provide adaptive personalized pathways for students. Together with intense student engagement and motivation systems, Imagine Math PreK-2 and Imagine Math bring a formula for success in the blended learning classroom. 

Student using Blueprint

Educators see results in student assessment scores

Teachers and administrators who incorporated Imagine Learning math programs into their curriculum via the MIZ Program noted the impact made on student growth. 

“The decision for Point Isabel Independent School District to partner with Imagine Math for grades three through five was greatly due to Imagine Math’s rigorous online instruction, the ability for teachers to create personalized playlists for targeted instruction to close gaps, the integration of NWEA, and past students’ success on STAAR,” shared Ana Holland of Point Isabel Independent School District, one of the 2018–2019 MIZ Cohort Districts.

“The data does not lie—in 2018, fifth-grade students who passed thirty or more Imagine Math lessons passed their STAAR Math assessment. In addition, the more lessons passed by students the higher their level of mastery on STAAR.”   

"As we planned for Math Innovation Zone, we needed a TEKS-aligned software that could aid great instruction from Kindergarten all the way through eighth grade. We also needed to stay within a price point befitting a small, rural district,” shared Amy Dodson, Director of Instruction for Cisco ISD. 

“Imagine Learning checked all our boxes. They worked with us throughout the process to get us ready for roll-out. As our year winds down, our teachers are seeing great growth when it is used with fidelity. Case in point: this morning I found out that our first graders’ end-of-the-year data showed that almost 90% had met or exceeded their growth expectations in math. Many of those didn't just exceed expectations but shattered them. I would say that teachers especially on that grade level LOVE Imagine Math!"  

Programs math deeper 0

Studies demonstrate efficacy of Imagine Math and Imagine Math PreK-2

Multiple studies have proven the efficacy of Imagine Learning’s math programs. For example, a comprehensive evaluation report by the Gibson Consulting group studied 800,000 students across all demographics in grades three through eight and found that students who attempted twenty or more Imagine Math 3-8 lessons had statistically significant higher STAAR Mathematics scores than non-users over one school year.  

During the 2017–2018 academic year, 10,039 students (Pre-K through first grade) in fifty-six districts across five different states used Imagine Math PreK-2 and completed both the beginning- and end-of-year assessments. Across grades and standard math domains, correlations were positive for lessons completed and performance on the program assessment, indicating students who completed more lessons saw an increased growth in math on the end-of-year assessment.    

Learn more about Imagine Learning’s Imagine Math PreK-2 and Imagine Math in Texas here.