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West Virginia Middle Schools Succeed with Imagine Math 3-8

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Teachers from Kanawha County, West Virginia help students learn and love math with Imagine Math

Middle-school math teachers in Kanawha County, West Virginia work every day to help their students from diverse backgrounds achieve. However, it can sometimes be a challenge to teach students math when they’re not motivated. “I have students who are eager about math and students who are not eager about math,” explained Jenny Ruddle, an eighth-grade math teacher at Sissonville Middle School. 


“A lot of people are frightened by [math] and you get people who say, ‘I’m not a math person,’” said Becky Mandirola, a sixth-grade math teacher at Elkview Middle School.

These teachers understand they can make a difference in the attitudes of their students by providing them with positive messages and helpful learning strategies. “Math is a challenging subject to teach but I try to teach all my students that they love math,” shared Fred Albert, a sixth-grade math teacher at DuPont Middle School. “Math is in everything that we do every day--from the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night. So, I know that my students love it. Some just haven’t discovered it yet.”

Imagine Math 3-8 engages middle school students

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One tool that Kanawha County middle schools successfully utilize to help engage their middle school math students is the Imagine Math 3-8 program by Imagine Learning. “[Imagine Math 3-8] is engaging and allows all students in my class to be successful,” stated Jessica Phillips, a sixth-grade teacher at Sissonville Middle School. “Students can move at their own pace.”

“It’s a good tool,” said Mandirola. “We need to continually raise the bar for these kids, and this is a good vehicle to help them get there.”

“[Imagine Math 3-8] is helpful because it’s getting [my students] to think critically about the topic,” shared Ruddle.

“Actually, we’ve tried a lot of the other digital curriculum but [Imagine Math 3-8] is something we come back to all the time,” shared Kristin Oxley, K–12 Math Curriculum Specialist for Kanawha County Schools.

“We’ve worked with Imagine Math for a very long time to supplement some of the diverse status in our county. We knew that it was working and that it was something we could use as a supplemental program in our middle schools.” 

Students agree: Imagine Math 3-8 is engaging and effective

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Even the students agree that the program helps them succeed at learning math. “My favorite subject is math because my teacher is really fun and she uses a really fun program called Imagine Math,” said Zailee, a sixth-grade student from Sissonville Middle School.

“It’s learning different skills and at the same time, you’re having fun.”

“Imagine Math has actually helped a lot,” shared Mara, an eighth-grade student at Sissonville Middle School. “It gives you the basic knowledge of what you’re doing, and then when your teacher moves on...Imagine Math has already taught you how to do it and you have the basics.”

Want to learn how Imagine Math 3-8 can help your students learn and love math? Visit our Imagine Math 3-8 page for more information.


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