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8 Spanish Literacy Videos for Kids for Your Distance Learning Classroom

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8 Spanish Literacy Videos for Kids for Your Distance Learning Classroom

Are you teaching Spanish in your virtual learning classroom? Whether you’re instructing Spanish-speaking EL students or teaching kids how to speak Spanish as a second language, using music and videos for your remote learning instruction is a great way to keep kids engaged and interested.  

Many studies show that catchy songs help students to remember what they’re learning, and it’s always tons of fun to get your class to sing together as a group. Kids also love to follow along with read-aloud stories and cute characters in our Spanish language literacy videos.  

Check out this roundup of educational Imagine Español singalong videos to use during your next Spanish literacy lesson!  

1. Letras Y Sonidos (Letters and Sounds)

This lyric video teaches kids the letters of the Spanish alphabet, as well as the sound that each letter makes. It’s the perfect supplement to make your K-2 language lessons a bit more fun!  

2. Repaso | Beginning Book in Español 

In our Imagine Español program, students are deeply immersed in the knowledge of Spanish culture. This video reviews letters and sounds, while also incorporating them into everyday language usage.  

3. Vocabulario Formas | Learn Español - Comic Strip 

For older elementary students, this Spanish language video incorporates literacy lessons in the form of a fun and colorful comic book.  

4. Spanish Songs for kids - Días De La Semana (Days of the Week)  

Teach kids the names of each day of the week with this silly song from Imagine Español! This Spanish song helps kids to the sounds of each day of the week by aligning them with familiar foods and cute, memorable characters.  

5. Cheki | Español Song  

With life-like characters, authentic cultural elements and vibrant colors that keep kids engaged in learning, this Imagine Español singalong video is one of our most popular.  

6. Los Pollitos | Canciones Infantiles 

This K-2 Spanish song for kids features adorable animals and a fun barnyard setting to teach students Spanish language skills.

7. Vocabulario Formas | Learn Español - Comic Strip 

Teach your students Spanish language vocabulary with the help of this comic strip-themed video from Imagine Español.  

8. Tengo una Muñeca | Canciones Infantiles (Learn Spanish!) 

Sing along with this Spanish language learning video, which features a sweet paper doll to teach the words for clothing and colors.  

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