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Integrating technology in Kent, Washington

Dedicated leaders in Kent, Washington are working together to ensure students receive an education that prepares them to be successful in a global workforce. When students come to school in Kent, they don’t have to “power down.” Instead, they have access to technology throughout the school day. As part of their digital instruction program, several Kent schools use Imagine Learning to differentiate instruction for students, supporting English language learners, struggling readers, and early childhood learners. Kent School District Superintendent Dr. Edward Lee Vargas says with the support of government, civic, and religious leaders they have been able to move beyond a digital school system to a digital community. In addition to implementing digital learning in schools, Dr. Vargas and his dedicated team put computerized kiosks with broadband capacity out into the community, hoping to provide resources for students, parents, and community members alike. The kiosks are being installed in places where they can be easily accessed, like grocery stores and high-density housing. “It’s been a series of partnerships that have created the capacity to be able to have these programs come alive,” said Vargas. Education is a top priority for Washington legislators who support the tremendous educational efforts in Kent. House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan and Senator Joe Fain are dedicated to giving students the technological tools they need to be successful. “It’s really the key to helping them success in the 21st century,” said Sen. Fain. Watch the video below to see how leaders from Washington's political, technological, and educational sectors are working together to create a technology-based approach to learning in their schools—and their community. Kent School District—where technology is being maximized for school children & the community from Imagine Learning on Vimeo.
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