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10 Ways to Build Students' Literacy Skills in the Summer

Summer is nearly here! While kids may be rejoicing about the prospect of a summer break, parents and educators may wonder what they can do to combat the dreaded "Summer Slide"--a time when many students lose or forget the skills they learned during the school year. As all educators know, kids who are already below grade level in their reading are especially at risk when summer break hits. Summertime and the Reading Is Easy? During the school year, struggling readers may receive more hands-on help from teachers and supplemental digital programs like Imagine Language & Literacy. But all bets are off once kids leave for the summer break. For one thing, not all parents have the luxury of being at home with kids during the summer months. What's more--daycare, summer camps, and even summer school can be expensive for a lot of families. Even parents who work may not have the means to fight the summer slide in the traditional ways. So, what's a parent to do?
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