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It's a Grand Old Flag! 10 Facts about the Stars & Stripes

Betsy Ross and the flag People around the world recognize it as one of a kind. Officers salute it, children pledge allegiance in front of it, and citizens honor it. It's arguably our most famous national symbol--the flag of the United States of America. While Americans and world citizens alike may know our country's flag, everyone can still learn more about its history and use. For young and old, here are ten important facts to remember on Flag Day, Independence Day, or any other time of year when the flag passes by. Flag History 1. Many flag historians believe that the first American flag combined the Union Jack (British flag) with the 13-striped Colonial Merchant ensign. At that time, posting the Union Jack without authorization was an illegal act, but the Continental Army ignored the statute and flew the flag as an act of rebellion against the British Crown.
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