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teaching students thankfulness

10 Ways to Teach Gratitude All Year

Remember the last time you made a turkey out of a cardboard box, pasted colorful construction-paper feathers on the back, and filled the interior with slips of paper filled with grateful thoughts? Maybe this was a school tradition when you were a kid. Or maybe it was just last week, in your own classroom. Of course, you probably don’t need a cardboard turkey to teach students about gratitude. After all, Thanksgiving is just one day in 365—and gratitude is a great year-round gift for any class. As to the benefits of gratitude in the classroom, consider this: anecdotal data suggest that students who practice gratitude are generally more engaged with, motivated by, and connected to learning in general. Grateful students also feel more connected to their teacher and fellow classmates. It's also true that gratitude is a great gift to any overworked teacher. The more grateful your class, the happier everyone will feel, including you. So if you want your students to show more thanks for what they have, take a look at the list below.
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