A Solid Pedagogical Foundation

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Our curriculum - strategic by design

Tried, tested, and research based

At Imagine Learning, we believe kids learn what they love. When students are fully engaged in a task, they'll keep learning and progressing. But even an engaging curriculum requires a solid pedagogical foundation. That's where strategic, research-based instruction comes in. By combining proven instructional practices, trusted educational philosophies, and principles of game-based learning, Imagine Learning programs succeed where others fail.

Helping your students learn and achieve

In every Imagine Learning program, students experience

Research-based, standards-aligned instruction

Adaptive learning paths that meet each student where they are

Rigorous content that challenges students to grow

Motivational elements (games, avatars, reward points, and experiences)

Language support for English learners

Assessments and reports that drive quality instruction

academic rigor, scaffolded support
Productive Struggle
Entering the zone of proximal development

Before students can develop a new skill, they need to test their limits and discover what they can do without help. Imagine Learning programs help kids explore their limits through a balance of rigorous content and scaffolded support that fades when it’s no longer needed. For example—one student may encounter a tricky math problem and develop more than one strategy for solving it. Another may still need support. The beauty of individualized instruction is that it matches every student, at every level.

higher-order thinking
Higher-Order Thinking Strategies
From lukewarm to HOTS

It’s a fact: today’s students require greater problem solving, reasoning, conceptualizing, communication, and inquiry skills than those of any prior era. What’s more, a digital learning environment can be the perfect place to learn these higher-order thinking strategies. Programs like Imagine Language & Literacy, Imagine Español, Imagine Math, and Imagine Math Facts help students across all grade levels begin to develop these critical skills and strategies—for success in school, college, and beyond.

Booster the robot on Imagine Island, growth mindset
A Growth Mindset
Learning how to learn

Not all learning strategies are created equal. This truth underlies every Imagine Learning program, full of fun and motivating content that help students want to set goals, self-monitor their progress, and stay on task. As students gain confidence alongside new skills, they are more likely to exhibit a growth mindset that helps them not give up when challenges arise. Showing a growth mindset also means that students might not understand every concept right now—but it’s only a matter of time and determination before they will.

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