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New Imagine Español content 

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Engaging and Effective Content

As an educator, you need access to content that engages your students while providing effective instruction.

New second grade activities in Imagine Español continue to meet this need by providing engaging experiences that drive Spanish-language proficiency and teach:     

  • grammar
  • comprehension
  • phonics
  • authentic text



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Vocabulario académico Introducción

Students investigate the meaning of academic words as they collect treasure from a cave.
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Vocabulario de lectura Introducción

Students review new vocabulary as they take pictures of jungle animals.
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Palabras frecuentes Introducción

Students prepare to write new words as they have fun washing dogs.
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A Continued Cultural Tour

To provide a more meaningful educational experience, Imagine Español connects students to different Spanish-speaking cultures.

For example, with the Estrategias de Lectura activity, the Mexican tradition of cascarón is highlighted. In addition, new stories are based on fables and legends from Latin American countries. These cultural references helps students become familiar with syntax, vocabulary, and grammar while deepening cultural awareness.

Even More Opportunities to Read in Spanish

With over 90 new books, students will have even more opportunities to read and demonstrate comprehension in Spanish. Both fiction and non-fiction writing covers topics ranging from history to science to math.

Students are also exposed to test-like passages where they’re provided minimal support. Here they can prove their reading comprehension by answering questions after they’re read the passages helping students know if they’ve mastered the different comprehension strategies that they’ve learned in Imagine Español.


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