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NWEA MAP® partners with Imagine Learning

Leverage your assessment data to personalize literacy and math instruction




By partnering with NWEA, Imagine Learning connects school districts’ existing data on student performance with personalized instruction in literacy and math.
Teachers can use their MAP Growth assessment data to assign customized learning pathways for each student three times a year.


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Personalized Literacy Instruction

RIT scores drive student placement in Imagine Language & Literacy instructional pathways three times a year, helping teachers address areas of unfinished learning.

Placement is updated automatically with each administration of MAP, with no upload or manual entry required. 

Imagine Language & Literacy develops critical language and literacy skills for students in grades Pre-K to 6.

Personalized Math Instruction

Teachers can easily assign instructional domain pathways by RIT score in Imagine Math to drive targeted instruction and intervention. 

Imagine Math builds a strong foundation in mathematics from grades Pre-K to 8, Algebra I, and Geometry.



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