The numbers tell a story

When you’re on a mission to help kids gain critical language, literacy, and math skills—results matter. Let us show you.
Speedometer iconography (indicating performance data of Imagine Learning programs)
What's happening in our partner schools
Student uses tablet device in Pennsylvania classroom
A Pennsylvania Story
Imagine Language & Literacy
"I have twenty-two students right now and they are all at a different level....
Imagine Math Facts data video showing fluency scores
Math Fluency Gains
Imagine Math Facts
Students who used Imagine Math Facts (formerly Big Brainz) gained 94% fluency...
Bar graph showing how Amarillo students are growing in language and literacy skills
English Learners in Amarillo, TX
Imagine Español; Language & Literacy
"The data speaks for itself. Imagine Learning is a gift that pairs up with...
Tennessee students are growing in oral fluency through Imagine Language & Literacy
Reading Gains in Tennessee
Imagine Language & Literacy
"Before using Imagine Language & Literacy, we saw an average fluency growth of...
Efficacy study for Imagine Learning programs
Statistically Significant Results in Yuma
Imagine Language & Literacy
"In a nationally normed third-party study of Imagine Language & Literacy,...
Map of Illinois, WIDA Access for Imagine Language & LIteracy
Illinois and WIDA Access Data
Imagine Language & Literacy
"Our goal is for 80% of our students to meet expectations. Our local WIDA...
Results from an Arizona statewide study
The proof is in the data
Students using Imagine Language & Literacy showed up to 65% greater gains than non-users.
A recent study demonstrates that students using Imagine Language & Literacy in grade 2 and in grades 3–5 showed 36% and 65% greater gains, respectively, than non-users.
Studies show Imagine Math helps students become up to 3x more proficient on SAGE assessments
A statewide study found that students using Imagine Math were 3x as likely to be proficient on SAGE assessments than non-Imagine Math students.
Average post-test math fluency increased by 114% for remedial fifth graders using Imagine Math Facts
After using Imagine Math Facts, average post-test math fluency for fifth-grade students increased by 38% overall and 114% for remedial students.
“We’d been getting kids who didn’t know how to read in third, fourth, and fifth (grades)—even in their native language.

"Imagine Español was the perfect program to bring in, because it targets (students’) first language at the most foundational level.”
– Martin Muñoz
Principal, La Joya, TX
Lexile measures, Quantile measures
Ongoing, Adaptive Assessments
The roadmap to student understanding

How are students progressing along their individualized learning path? To answer this question, you need an accurate and reliable roadmap. Our adaptive assessment system not only maps out student performance, growth, and usage, it also gauges student understanding at every point—adjusting and informing instruction along the way.

Rely on our assessments for:

  • Nationally normed data on student performance
  • Benchmarks that can be administered several times a year
  • Lexile® and Quantile® measures that monitor student progress
  • Ongoing data points that continually inform instruction
Educators can get personalized, actionable reports in all Imagine Learning programs
Personalized, Actionable Reports
Your data, your way

Whether you’re an administrator who needs to access district-wide growth data or a teacher who’s tracking student progress by skill, you’ll find the data you’re looking for within the four programs of Imagine Learning. Depending on the program you use, you’ll also see:

  • District, school, class, and individual reports
  • Links to state standards
  • Reports that track long-term progress
  • Detailed usage reports

See each product page for more information.