Individualized Learning

Discover online learning solutions with special education supports, including instructional strategies and scaffolds for students with learning differences.

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Individual Educational Needs

Discover curriculum and online learning solutions with instructional strategies, evidence-based practices, and tools designed to support each student’s unique learning needs.

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Designed for all learners

Imagine Edgenuity’s solutions support the unique needs of all learners, including your students with special educational needs. The courses and curriculum are designed with learning tools, scaffolds, and user-friendly customization tools that make accommodations and modifications easy. Our Special Education Coordinators partner with educators to provide support and guide students to success.

Scaffolds and support

Imagine Edgenuity’s online and blended learning offers the flexibility and individualized instruction that isn’t always available with traditional classroom instruction, allowing students to complete their work at their own pace in a setting that works best for them.

  • The eNotes tool helps students synthesize information and record questions and observations
  • Course customization tools enable you to reorder content, create projects, customize assessment settings, and more
  • Guided Notes help students take an active role in their learning and reduce the cognitive load while working through lessons
  • On-screen teachers model and teach a wide variety of learning strategies, such as self-monitoring, goal setting, and questioning
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Special Education Coordinators

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Special Education Coordinators available with Imagine Instructional Services support students, teachers, and schools who want to offer online courses to students who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan, or are homebound. Our coordinators are licensed special education and/or ELL teachers who have experience with the complex requirements of students with learning plans. Special Education Coordinators ensure that your students’ needs are met by working directly with your ESE/SPED teachers, school districts, and Imagine Edgenuity’s virtual instructors.

Special Education Coordinators assist with:

  • Course customization
  • Monitoring and reviewing performance
  • Providing input on how IEPs translate into the Imagine Edgenuity platform
  • And more

Here for Every Learner

Engage students with unique learning needs and position them for success with Imagine Learning’s individualized instruction, experienced educators, and dedicated support.