Blueprint on a tablet device
World-Class Curriculum

With Blueprint, students progress through a carefully-designed curriculum consisting of more than 2,000 exercises per grade level. Children learn mathematical vocabulary and make real-world connections while solving math problems. Topics covered include:

  • Numbers, operations, geometry & spatial sense
  • Logical reasoning & measurement
  • Algebraic thinking
  • Special emphasis on solving word problems.


Engaging approach to math

Young learners love Blueprint’s fun and engaging approach to teaching math. Connectable characters, applicable lessons, and memorable songs all contribute to the effective and age-appropriate instruction. Students are given supportive prompts and multiple opportunities for reteaching to ensure encouraging, successful experiences with math. Additionally, students can earn tokens for their achievements at the end of each lesson, motivating them to retry challenging activities and do their best.

Blueprint Dashboard
Meaningful Data

At-a-glance indicators enable teachers to provide just-in-time support while students are actively working in the program. Teachers can easily dive into both whole-class and individual student performance. 

  • Intervene with at-risk performers quickly using immediate feedback
  • Utilize data on which students are mastering or struggling with each topic to plan instruction
  • Measure student progress against program goals

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