Imagine Instructional Services

Imagine Learning virtual instructors are highly qualified, certified teachers who prioritize student success in K–12. They work across time zones and devices to provide students with the personalized instruction and the support they need to learn, grow, and reach their full academic potential.

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Imagine Instructional Services

Certified Virtual Instructors Who Prioritize Student Success

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Create your own virtual instruction program

Using standards-aligned courses with an engaging K–12 curriculum, our experienced teachers of record can help you expand course offerings, serve more students, address teacher shortages, and more.

Virtual instructors reteach concepts, provide helpful feedback, and connect with families, schools of record, and school mentors to update everyone who’s invested in a student’s progress and performance. And they work in tandem with success coaches, special education coordinators, and concept coaches to help ensure your virtual program is a success.

Meet Our Virtual Instructors

Diverse, state-certified teachers who put student success first

Our experienced virtual instructors work with educators to provide students with data-driven, personalized instruction in a comfortable setting. They give them the support they need to learn, grow, and succeed.

They are available for individualized 1:1 office hours, small group support with direct instruction, and proactively reach out to students to keep on the path to learning success.

Address District Needs and Create New Learning Opportunities


Flexibility and rigor where you need it

A virtual instructional program allows you to remain flexible and serve more students while solving many common problems including:

  • Address temporary and long-term teacher shortage
  • Expand course offerings for initial credit
  • Offering comprehensive test preparation
  • Maintaining enrollments with support for students who are homebound, adjudicated, or have other unique needs
  • Giving student-athletes an NCAA-approved college-preparatory learning experience
  • …and more. 

Multiple layers of support for effective online learning

With Imagine Instructional Services, students can take courses from school, from home, or as part of a full-time virtual program. Students have access to virtual instructors who guide, motivate, and communicate with them.

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Instructional Services Professional Development

Excel at teaching in an online environment

We offer comprehensive professional development that helps teachers understand and practice pedagogical shifts. With flexible delivery options, sessions targeted to your needs, and on-demand training, our experienced Instructional Services Professional Development (ISPD) team will set you up for success throughout the year. 

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Create your Virtual Program

Begin providing virtual instruction that maximizes student success.

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Virtual School Services

Develop a virtual program that can help you extend your reach to better meet the diverse needs of more K–12 students.


Imagine Edgenuity

Rigorous, research-based curriculum designed to ignite learning breakthroughs that lead to academic success for all 6–12 students.