Leonardo goes to school in Texas, just two miles from the Mexican border. As a native Spanish speaker, Leonardo uses Imagine Español to build foundational skills in his own language.

“Hay canciones y juegos en Imagine Español.” - Leonardo

Even better, as Leonardo transitions into learning English, the process will be easier because he’s already learned foundational skills in his primary language.

A Balanced Approach to Biliteracy

By using a program specifically for students learning to read in Spanish, Leonardo benefits from a balanced approach that teaches letters and sounds strategically.

Rich Cultural Experiences

As Leonardo explores characteristics of featured Spanish-speaking countries, he can enjoy culturally relevant songs, illustrations, and reading activities.

Leonardo's learning path

Watch excerpts from Imagine Español activities.

Leonardo's learning path

01 Las letras y sus sonidos

Las letras y sus sonidos

Leonardo traces the shapes of uppercase and lowercase letters while he learns the sound of each letter.

02 Silabas pica pica

Silabas pica pica

In this activity, Leonardo can repeat the syllables he hears and choose the correct syllable for a pictured word.

03 Pin Pon (song)

Pin Pon (song)

As Leonardo sings along to this delightful song, he also encounters rhyming words.

04 Culture: Puerto Rico

Culture: Puerto Rico

This activity takes Leonardo on a tour of Puerto Rico, where he learns about local traditions, foods, and other topics.

05 Vocabulario cómico

Vocabulario cómico

This story in comic-book form teaches Leonardo about common shapes.

06 Letra T

Letra T

Leonardo listens to multiple pronunciations of the letter T within this clever read-along book.

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