Why Choose Imagine Language &
Literacy for the K-3 Grant?

Three Reasons to Choose Imagine Learning



  • FREE Site Licenses – Schools will receive a site license for Imagine Language & Literacy, our NEW comprehensive assessment Galileo K-12 and our new 3-6 Imagine Reading that can be used with ALL students in the school.
  • FREE Devices – 5 free iPads or Chromebooks to help your school reach usage recommendations. Any school that is awarded more than 150 Imagine Learning licenses is eligible.
  • Proven Results – A multi-year report found that over the last three years, Imagine Language & Literacy was the only program to show a significant impact across all grades measured (K-3)​​​​​​

    How To Apply
    ​​​​​​This year, districts are submitting the grant on behalf of the schools. To apply, please contact your district administrator.​​​​​

ipad devices using Imagine Language & Literacy
FREE Devices and Licenses for your School

5 FREE Devices

Meeting the usage goals for larger implementations can be a challenge. For this reason, Imagine Learning is providing 5 free devices to schools that are awarded more than 150 Imagine Language & Literacy licenses through the K-3 initiative. Schools can choose iPads or Chromebooks.


FREE Site Licenses

In order to help as many students as possible, schools that choose Imagine Learning will receive:

1. Campus-wide site license for ALL students to use Imagine Language & Literacy (see below to explore the content)

2. Site license to use our new comprehensive assessment tool Galileo K-12


Imagine Learning & Galileo

Imagine Language & Literacy’s effective, engaging instruction is now enhanced with Galileo K-12’s assessment system (by ATI). With over 30 years of research behind it, Galileo K-12 provides a comprehensive assessment system that incorporates the best of learning science. Galileo K-12’s benchmark assessment places students at a developmentally-appropriate starting point for instruction.

  • Formative assessments for standards mastery
  • Predictions to state or national test proficiency
  • Dyslexia screening toolkit





3. Site license to use our new 3-6 blended learning “Reader” program


"teacher and student"

New 3-6 "Reader" Program

Imagine Learning’s new reading software is a standards and research-based program that accelerates comprehension via shared literacy experiences within rich, content-specific text sets. The program supports teacher-facilitated instructional conversations in the classroom to unpack rich sentences with careful attention to mapping meaning.  The digital software component scaffolds up to support students in accessing grade-level text. Each unit culminates in a collaborative synthesis project focused around academic discourse.



Table showing multi year report for last three years
Proven Results on Utah State Study

Imagine Language & Literacy consistently shows positive results on state studies. A multi-year report found that over the last three years, Imagine Language & Literacy had significant impact across all grades measured (K-3).

This third-party study found that Kindergarten, first-grade, and second-grade students who used Imagine Language & Literacy during the 2017–2018 school year performed statistically better than matched controls on an end-of-year DIBELS in 2017–18.

We encourage educators to consider the results of all these studies. For your convenience, we’ve compiled all of them here:

2017-2018 (Year 4)

2016-2017 (Year 3)

2015-2016 (Year 2)

2014-2015 (Year 1)


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Strategic, Research-Based Instruction

Imagine Language & Literacy is a strategic, research-based curriculum that meets students at their own level. Every child receives explicit, targeted instruction within an individualized learning path that continually adjusts to their needs. Over 4,300 engaging activities teach critical language and literacy concepts such as reading and listening comprehension, basic vocabulary, academic language, grammar, phonological awareness, phonics, and fluency. Kids love the program because it’s fun and challenging. Educators trust the program because it’s differentiated, standards-aligned, rigorous, and effective. 

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