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Help paint a comprehensive picture of student achievement with advanced assessment solutions for K–12.

Imagine Galileo

Actionable Insights Drive Student Breakthroughs

We focus on providing clear and actionable data that provides insights on learning progress to improve student growth. Our flexible assessment system for ELA, SLA, math, and science, is backed by Item Response Theory (IRT) to accurately predict student performance.

Benchmark and formative solutions

Imagine Galileo’s actionable insights empower educators to help every student achieve their potential. This flexible assessment system for English Language Arts, Spanish Language Arts, math, and science is backed by Item Response Theory to precisely measure student learning gains.

Equip Students and Educators with Tools for Success

Personalize Instruction

Imagine Galileo helps educators identify students who will most benefit from targeted intervention and enrichment.

Prepare for Success

Assessments empower all learners to build test-taking confidence and reduce test anxiety.

Support Teaching and Learning

Leverage pre-built and customized formatives as part of classroom instruction.

Drive Better Learning Outcomes

Predict Student Performance

Support specific district- or school-wide learning initiatives with benchmarks and formatives. Rich data from our robust reporting suite gives leaders the insight they need to support district and school goals while equipping teachers with information to equitably personalize instruction.

Pre-built, fixed-form, grade-level Galileo Benchmarks simulate the format of high-stakes tests, forecasting student performance on EOY state exams with 85% accuracy.

Monitor Standards Mastery

Pre-built formative assessments save educators time. Plus, robust item banks with 20 different item types make it easy to build customized tests to track student progress on state standards.

Discover Spanish Language Arts Assessments in the Biliteracy Suite

Backed by 30 Years of Research

We adapt to evolving research

The dedicated Imagine Learning research team leverages sophisticated statistical analysis to ensure all Imagine Galileo tests provide reliable, valid data.

Data That Drives Breakthroughs

Easily monitor student progress and mastery of state standards with comprehensive district, school, class, and student reports.