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We were founded on the belief that honor, integrity, and passion are the best principles of business. We’ve also discovered that they make for a much better working environment and improve our lives outside of the office.

The following seven values are a simple way to describe our core philosophy.


Obsess over customers

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Providing solutions to our customers' problems is the lifeblood of our business. And right at the essence of this excellent customer service is our relationship with each partner. We are constantly identifying market problems so that we know exactly what kinds of solutions our customers will value most. We go above and beyond by creating a positive emotional experience for our customers.


Be innovative & change our world

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To be a leader, we can never accept the status quo. We can never be comfortable. We are always pushing and exploring, developing and testing. We set goals that challenge us, because we know that by stretching to meet them, we'll go farther than we ever expected. For us, being great today just isn't good enough. We innovate to change our world.


Let passion & belief drive what we do

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We love Mondays. And you know why? Because we've found our dream job—which is helping kids fulfill their dreams. Our passion for helping kids and our belief that it's making a difference in their world is what drives us. When you love what you do, you'll never work another day in your life. We really believe that.


Do what’s right, rather than what’s easy

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Integrity is doing the right thing, especially when no one is watching. This isn't just something we say; it's how we do business. In our experience, building open and honest relationships takes nothing less than transparency, authenticity, and integrity. Whether inside or outside the workplace, we are proud to say we do what is right.


Stand united: all for one and one for all

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To create more unity at work, we consider ourselves a family. We look out for one another, removing obstacles that might be in the way. We collaborate and listen, and we do not tolerate political games. We're compassionate and loyal. No jobs are beneath us. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed. And when we fail, we learn from it. We stand united—and that makes us quite the dream team.


Maintain a quiet confidence in our abilities

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As an Imagine Learning family, we are proud of our accomplishments and are confident in our ability to succeed. But we don't want to boast about it. We believe that in the long run, our character and abilities will speak for themselves by producing a great working environment and ultimately winning the trust of our partners. And we look forward to the challenges ahead.


Have a whole lot of fun

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We're constantly nourishing a fun and winning environment—and it shows. Part of achieving balance is working hard and finding reasons to celebrate. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, but we know that if our work isn't inspiring and fun, we're not doing it right.


Building great products depends on great people. Over the years, Imagine Learning has continued to grow exponentially—thanks in large part to visionary leadership at the helm.
Jeremy Cowdrey, Imagine Learning, sales and marketing
Jeremy Cowdrey
Executive Vice President
Sales & Marketing
Damon Darais, technical operations vice president at Imagine Learning
Damon Darais
Vice President
Technical Operations
Curtis Hill, CFO of Imagine Learning
Curtis Hill
Chief Financial Officer
Carol Nibley, HR vice president at Imagine Learning
Carol Nibley
Vice President
Human Resources
Jeff Pendleton, vice president of customer success at Imagine Learning
Jeff Pendleton
Vice President
Customer Success
Louis Piconi, vice president of strategic partnerships at Imagine Learning
Louis Piconi
Vice President
Strategic Partnerships
Anabel Richards, executive director of sales and operations at Imagine Learning
Anabel Richards
Executive Director
Sales and Operations
Bryan Sparks, CTO at Imagine Learning
Bryan Sparks
Chief Technology Officer
Seija Surr, vice president of curriculum at Imagine Learning
Seija Surr
Vice President
Joe Swenson, CEO of Imagine Learning
Joe Swenson
President & Chief Executive Officer

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