Imagine MyPath®

Give every K–12 student a pathway to grade-level success with a personalized and adaptive program in reading and math.

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Imagine MyPath

Personalized for Success

Better empower educators and improve student achievement with Imagine MyPath.

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Optimize grade-level learning

Imagine MyPath® is carefully designed to maximize student learning through personalized learning paths that prioritize the essential skills students will need for grade-level success. As students move from intervention to supplemental grade-level practice and beyond, Imagine MyPath continues to deliver adaptive lessons propelling them forward.

Actionable insights to drive student growth

Real-time actionable data and printable mini lessons empower teachers with the tools to effectively group students and re-teach important concepts. By providing teachers with more powerful data and personalized lessons, Imagine MyPath enables them to focus their time on what students need most.

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Pathways for Every Student

Two or more grade levels behind

Students receive age-appropriate instruction no matter their grade level. Frequent check-ins, and prioritization, allow the program to adapt quickly and maximize students’ time.

Slightly below grade level

Lessons address skill gaps from the previous grade that connect to the major work of the student’s current grade.

Above or at grade level

Ongoing mastery checks adapt instruction, so students accelerate through content they already know and move ahead at their own pace.

Age-Appropriate Content

Imagine MyPath has revolutionized the student experience by giving students age-appropriate content.

For Younger Students

Imagine MyPath for younger students

The 3–5 equivalent fractions lesson shows grade appropriate model using visual representations and presentation style for younger students.

For Older Students

Imagine MyPath for older students

The 6–12 equivalent fractions lesson is focused on the older student with models appropriate for the grade along with vocabulary and strategies.


Ensure every student is algebra-ready

  • Prepares students for high-level problem solving by strengthening foundational skills and conceptual understanding.
  • Efficiently scaffolds students up to grade level by prioritizing domain-specific critical skills based on each student’s data.
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Develop strong, confident readers

  • Gradually increases text complexity to move students into grade-level reading.
  • Direct instruction videos model metacognitive reading strategies in student-friendly language.
  • Students performing two or more grade levels below expectations receive age-appropriate instruction in phonics, fluency, and vocabulary development.

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Designed to Help All Students Reach Their Full Potential

Maximizes Learning

Based on precise placement data, each student receives personalized, adaptive instruction.

Age-Appropriate Content

Every student receives engaging lessons tailored to their age group, no matter their skill level.

Prioritizes Essential Skills

Instruction is focused on essential grade-level work, closing learning gaps quickly.

Scaffolding for Success

Students with diverse needs receive targeted supports.

Actionable Insights

Clear data guides teachers to printable lessons for easy reteaching options.

Student-Centered Learning

Instruction is designed for the student, not just the skill, using age-appropriate examples, graphics, and pacing.

Design Personalized Pathways

Because every student deserves to succeed at grade level and beyond.

Our Research & Impact

Effective Reading and Math Instructional Foundations

Learn more about how Imagine MyPath is designed to close achievement gaps and maximize student growth by implementing six research-based learning design principles for reading and math instruction.


Grade-Level Prioritization and Adaptivity

Learn more about how Imagine MyPath prioritizes grade-level content and adaptive instruction to optimize student learning through its unique cycle of assessment, assignment, adaptivity, analysis, and action.


Improved Reading Scores

Learn more about how Pathblazer, the previous generation of Imagine MyPath, was found to have a positive and statistically significant impact on student reading achievement in grades 3–5 by the Center for Research and Reform in Education (CRRE) at Johns Hopkins University.