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Imagine MyPath®

Accelerate learning with this adaptive intervention program for grade-level success in reading and math. Prioritize critical foundational skills in an engaging, age-appropriate learning environment to get students back on track.
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Prioritize Critical Math and Reading Skills

Imagine MyPath Features and Benefits

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Adaptive and Age-Appropriate Intervention

Today’s teachers need access to technology and offline tools that empower them to meet a variety of student needs within a single classroom. Explore a next-generation learning environment that uses assessment data to design individualized, age-appropriate learning paths for each student.

Scaffolded, Evidence-Based Practices

Discover a single, scaffolded intervention solution for K-12 math and reading comprehension that aligns with current research

Imagine MyPath Math Lessons


Ensure every student is algebra-ready:

  • Prepare students for high-level problem solving by strengthening foundational skills and conceptual understanding
  • Efficiently scaffold students up to grade level by prioritizing domain-specific critical skills based on each student’s data


Develop strong, confident readers:

  • Gradually increase text complexity to move students into grade-level reading
  • Direct instruction videos model metacognitive reading strategies in student-friendly language
  • Students performing two or more grade levels below their current grade level receive age-appropriate instruction in phonics, fluency, and vocabulary development

Content translation for

60+ languages

Read-aloud support for

20+ languages

K–5 math instruction and K–12 assessments available in


Effective Reading and Math Instructional Foundations

Discover Supplemental Solutions for Every Classroom

Actionable Data Empowers Teachers

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Powerful, real-time data gives teachers valuable insights to inform instruction and help them effectively group students who need additional targeted help.

  • Analyze assessment results
  • Check class progress
  • Track student growth

Interactive, Age-Appropriate Student Experience

Keep students motivated and engaged with an interactive and age-appropriate student experience

For K–2 students

  • Larger buttons, icons, and action items
  • Audio supports for early readers
  • Motivation: earn stars and unlock sidekicks and backgrounds

For 3–5 students

  • Keep earning stars and unlocking extras while leveling up

For 6–8 students

  • Unlock new backgrounds and sidekicks designed especially for middle schoolers

For 9–12 students

  • Greater control of their learning environments helps high schoolers focus on completing work, rejoining the general classroom, and graduating on time

Discover Personalized Intervention to Help Students Succeed

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Dive deeper into how Imagine MyPath delivers personalized intervention.

“Imagine MyPath K–12’s adaptive technology, targeted reading and mathematics instruction, and actionable data helped our classrooms improve achievement. We are now more clearly seeing individuals’ learning gaps so that we can provide the targeted instruction needed to accelerate learning.”

Doug R.,

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Curriculum, Stratford Independent School District, TX

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