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Imagine Learning programs are designed in alignment with the principles of Universal Design for Learning.

Students Can Access Learning Their Way

Different representation for various needs

At Imagine Learning, we use multiple means of representation for our explicitly taught content (i.e., visual, auditory, and tactile), allowing students with special needs to utilize their strongest learning modality during lessons. Examples of our multiple sensory modes of learning include animation, peer-to-peer video, recordings, highlighting of words during modeled reading, and music. 

Technology to enable all students

Our learning environments provide a safe, engaging, one-on-one learning educational experience for each student. Students have multiple means of reaction and expression because of the digital nature of our solutions, allowing them to use technology to access instruction.

In-Depth Resources to Meet Student Needs

Support the needs of diverse learners

We support educators who work to meet the needs of diverse learners including, English learners, special education, and gifted students.   

Our supports include addressing multiple learning styles, accommodations for assessments, video captions/transcripts, read-aloud and translation tools, and many other features. We employ the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework to ensure curriculum is flexible enough to address learner variability. 

Our developers provide students with multiple means of:

  • Content representation
  • Expressing learned content 
  • Engagement with content

A library of learning supports for English learners

Depending on the program, we support English learners and students who need accommodations with adaptive assessments and instruction, first-language support, explanations of abstract concepts, and instructive feedback. 

Additional supports

Repeated reading, clickable vocabulary for definitions, highlighting, visual cues, graphic organizers, directions with pictures, ability to repeat instructions and videos, and reading environments for highlighting, annotations, and other reading supports

additional tools for educators

Additional tools for educators

We continually enhance our digital platforms to ensure accessibility for all learners and make every effort to comply with 504 and COPPA requirements. Accessibility features include alt tags, color contrast, navigation, audio support, transcripts, and many other features.

Authentic language is provided in Imagine Español with bilingual support in other programs, including translation in multiple languages. 

In most products, gifted students can advance to higher level work, enriching their learning beyond their actual grade level.

Our Imagine Illustrative Math, Imagine EL Education, and Twig Science are NIMAS compliant.

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