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Address Teacher & Staff Gaps

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Address Teacher & Staffing Gaps

Serve more K–12 students and address educator capacity with dedicated, passionate online educators. We’ll partner with you and provide the curriculum, guidance, and support you need to successfully incorporate certified teachers into your school.

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With Imagine School Services, you can:

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Fill teacher vacancies and offer more courses

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Give students one-on-one tutoring

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Meet your IEP minutes with teletherapy

Experience the Difference Highly Qualified Online Teachers Make

Meet Imagine Learning Educators

With the increasingly critical need to build capacity for innovative programs that require talented educators, districts are looking for ways to provide continuity of instruction. Virtual solutions can sound impersonal, but online instructors are not powered by AI — they are real, certified teachers who establish strong relationships with students just like they would in a physical classroom.

Imagine Learning educators not only serve as a teacher of record, monitor progress, grade assignments, and hold office hours, but they also provide one-on-one and small-group support and use data to inform frequent communication with families and districts.

Meet Our Teachers
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Support Your District’s Strategic Goals

Build capacity, support your teachers, and ease teacher shortages with our highly qualified, state-certified educators who can serve as the teacher of record from kindergarten all the way through high school. They fill staffing gaps over the summer and during the school year, fill short-term and long-term vacancies, and everything in between.

Choose from student-led models or teacher-led solutions. For high school core courses, you can opt for Intelli-Sync — where a teacher dedicated to your students provides live online sessions as well as small-group and 1:1 support.

Whatever model you choose, our educators work to maintain the personal educator-student connection that, for many students, is integral to learning.

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Expand Course Options

Your district may not always have an educator available to teach every specialty course a student wants to take, like world languages, SAT test prep, or Advanced Placement (AP) courses. With Imagine School Services, you can provide students with increased flexibility and expanded learning opportunities and let them dream big.

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Imagine School Services Delivers:

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Experienced Teachers of Record

Our online instructors provide data-driven, personalized instruction during the school year and over summer. They give students the support they need to learn, grow, and succeed.

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On-Demand Tutoring

Give students the personalized assistance they need at the moment they need it. Real-time tutors provide extra help for upper elementary and middle school courses, secondary core subjects, French, and Spanish.

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Small Group Targeted Instruction

Give students the personalized, data-driven support they need and overcome staffing shortages, equity issues, and limited access to quality interventions.

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Speech Teletherapy

Give students equitable access to the speech-language pathology support they need. Discover COPPA-compliant speech-language services, provided for students at home or at school.

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Exceptional Student Education Support

SPED-certified Exceptional Education Coordinators ensure accommodations for IEPs and 504 plans are met through course customization, monitoring and reviewing performance, and more.

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Serve More Students

Deliver continuity in education amid teacher shortages.

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