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20 Years of Impact and Innovation with Imagine Language & Literacy

Imagine Language & Literacy has worked with educators like you to revolutionize digital literacy for over two decades. Let’s celebrate 20 years of innovation — and most importantly — the many lives touched by our collective mission.

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Navigating Career Pathways: The Unseen Value of CTE Programs

Career and technical education (CTE) programs serve as a critical bridge for high school students, offering them the flexibility to pursue higher education, dive directly into the workforce with a competitive edge, or even explore and pivot away from career paths they find less aligned with their interests — saving them time and money while offering them boundless opportunities.

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Summer Learning: Put Students in the Driver’s Seat 

January 23, 2024

Transform summer school from a chore to a launchpad for success. Discover four dynamic strategies to engage and motivate middle and high schoolers, fostering a sense of ownership and excitement on their educational journey back to school in the fall.

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