Imagine Math

Imagine anytime, anywhere supplemental math practice that motivates students in PreK through Geometry.

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Imagine Math

Personalized Learning Pathways Drive Math Breakthroughs

Imagine Math® combines a rich curriculum with fun, adaptive digital experiences to help students be confident math learners. Ideal as a supplement to standards-based PreK–Geometry core instruction, its two age-appropriate learning environments are designed for student engagement. In PreK–2, a storybook reality helps learners see math in the world all around them.

In Grades 3 and above, students are invited to a meaningful exploration of mathematical understanding. Rigorous, standards-rich content adapts to the unique needs of each learner to develop essential foundations and conceptual understanding they need to achieve grade-level mastery. Unique to Imagine Math, point-of-need access to certified Live Teachers makes deep learning beyond the bell a reality.

Discover Supplemental Solutions for Every Classroom

Support and Achieve Greater Learning

Quantile® Framework

Assessments powered by MetaMetrics’ Quantile® Framework for Mathematics drive personalized learning.

Student-Centered Design

A storybook setting for younger learners, interactive whiteboards, avatars, and more keep students engaged.

Live Bilingual Teachers

Certified, bilingual Live Teachers offer real-time instruction and enrichment for grades 3+ before, during, and after school.

Customized Implementation

Use in blended learning or hybrid models, as a summer school program, or assign as additional practice and enrichment.

Built-In Language Support

Strategic scaffolding includes first-language support, exemplars, sentence stems, and contextualized vocabulary.

Nurture Curious, Confident Math Students

Imagine a classroom where every learner experiences problem-solving breakthroughs and communicates in the language of mathematics.

Our Research & Impact

Nationwide Quantile Report

Imagine Math students significantly exceeded national Quantile® growth norms in 2021–2022.


National Quantile Analysis: English Learners

English Learners showed substantial gains in math proficiency after regular use of Imagine Math.


Passing More Imagine Math Lessons is Associated with Increased Growth on NWEA MAP Growth for Academically At-Risk Students

This study provides evidence of the impact of Imagine Math usage on students’ mathematics achievement and documents how it can particularly help those students who might need the most support in their math learning.


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