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Imagine Math Facts®

Award-winning gamification makes math fluency fun and effective for students in grades 1–5.

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Imagine Math Facts

Near-Instant Recall — No Need for Mental Math

Student-centered design that’s fun and effective

Adaptive gamification in Imagine Math Facts for grades 1–5 helps students gain automaticity in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division — all in an engaging virtual environment.

Whether implemented alongside a core program or assigned as homework, students will:

  • Gain a foundation for higher-order thinking
  • Build confidence and pre-algebra readiness
  • Develop an attitude of success

Improve Student Outcomes


Improves student fluency from an average of 30-50% at pre-test to over 90% at post-test.


3x more first and third grade students achieved fluency after using Imagine Math Facts.

45 hrs

Most students achieve 94% proficiency within 4-5 hours of Imagine Math Fact use.

Discover Supplemental Solutions for Every Classroom

Designed to Help All Students Reach Their Full Potential

Immediate Feedback

Students know instantly if their answer is correct, ensuring accurate practice.

Monitors Fact Mastery

Tracks students’ progress towards fluency with fact families using easy-to-read visual reports for teachers.

Data-Rich Reporting

Educators receive updates on student progress trends at the class, school, and district level.

Achieve Pre-Algebra Readiness

Help every student experience breakthrough moments in math fact fluency.

Our Research & Impact

Builds Math Fluency Faster

A study of 2500+ students shows most users achieve 94% math fact proficiency in less than five hours.


Texas Case Study

Imagine Math Facts significantly improved math fact fluency and automaticity.