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Imagine Edgenuity®

Initial credit and credit recovery courses that adapt to each student’s unique learning journey. Our dynamic, customizable courses help students in grades 6–12 maximize their potential.
Imagine Edgenuity

Explore a Comprehensive, Award-Winning Online Curriculum


increase in recovered credits for Imagine Edgenuity students at Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, as compared to non-user peers


increase in 2-year graduation rates
for a Utah high school after using Imagine Edgenuity


higher scores in science
for 11th grade students at a New Mexico high school using Imagine Edgenuity, compared to their peers

Imagine Edgenuity Features and Benefits

A Comprehensive Digital Curriculum of 400+ Courses

Discover rigorous, evidence-based solutions for any instructional model. Help students meet their personal academic goals, whether they need rigorous coursework to accelerate learning or the opportunity to recover credits. Engage students with 400+ interactive courses covering core, electives, world languages, test prep, career and technical education (CTE), and Advanced Placement®.

A robust suite of core, electives, and honors courses feature:

  • Rigorous, explicit instruction led by expert, on-screen teachers
  • Motivating, media-rich content
  • Interactive instructional tools
  • A wide range of tasks — from independent reading to guided online exploration
  • Formative, summative, and authentic assessments
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Screenshots demonstrating Imagine Edgenuity's academic integrity features

Data-Driven Insights

Measure, manage, and facilitate student success with robust reports for district-level administrators and educators. Review student performance and progress and adjust courses as needed. Seamlessly integrate Imagine Edgenuity with your district’s existing learning management system (LMS) and student information system (SIS). 

Help maintain the highest standards of academic integrity with innovative features such as: 

  • Plagiarism Checker 
  • Speed Radar 
  • SecureLock Browser Experience 
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence Detector

Customize and Differentiate

A dynamic student experience and adaptable content support unique learning journeys. Accommodations and modifications, such as extended time for assessments and captions and transcripts, provide support for students with special needs. 

Serve diverse student groups, including: 

Screenshot of the Imagine Edgenuity student experience

Help Your Students Reach Their Potential 

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