Exceptional Students

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Exceptional Students

Discover how the Imagine Edgenuity® online curriculum and platform are designed with instructional strategies, evidence-based practices, and tools to support each student’s unique learning needs.
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Address Students’ Individual Education Needs

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Designed for all learners

Imagine Edgenuity’s solutions support the unique needs of all learners, including students with special educational needs. The courses and curriculum are designed with learning tools, scaffolds, and user-friendly customization tools that make accommodations and modifications easy.

Scaffolds and support

Imagine Edgenuity’s online and blended learning offers the flexibility and individualized instruction that isn’t always available with traditional classroom instruction, allowing students to complete their work at their own pace in a setting that works best for them.

  • Research-based, explicit instructional strategies
  • Guided Notes
  • Accommodations and modifications
  • Tools and supports for language and literacy
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Support for students with special needs

Available accommodations and modifications include:

  • Extended time for assessments
  • Reduced number of items on assessments
  • Reduced items for multiple-choice questions
  • Customized course length/load
  • Text-to-speech read-aloud
  • Translation for on-screen text and video transcripts
  • Ability to rewind and replay instruction
  • Guided notes
  • Save and exit to break activities into shorter sessions
  • Ability to move freely through the course sequence
  • Ability to use eNotes on assessments
  • Video transcripts and captions

Exceptional Students Course Suite

Imagine Edgenuity offers courses designed for students with accommodations that allow them to work on below-grade-level content. The Exceptional Students Course Suite will help ensure students are receiving the scaffolds and supports they need to succeed.

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Research & Impact

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Foundations Paper

Imagine Edgenuity: Supporting Students with Disabilities

Learn more about how Imagine Edgenuity courses include evidence-based practices designed to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

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