Core Curriculum

Proven to work, Imagine Learning’s core curriculum ensures students master grade-level, standards-aligned content in ELA, math, and science. Our digital-first curriculum helps build essential skills to set students up for a lifetime of learning.

Core Curriculum

Transform What’s Possible with Digital-First Curriculum

Our core curriculum brings learning to life through a research-based pedagogy and seamless supports for teachers to help students own their learning. 

Tech enhanced curricula

Technology-enhanced curriculum

As pioneers in digital-forward instruction, we continually refine our curricula to meet the needs of all students and educators. Our programs give educators continuous, clear insights into their students’ learning, and support them to maximize the potential of each student.

Research-based pedagogy

We incorporate pedagogical research into the design of all our innovative learning solutions. We continuously conduct ongoing research on our programs’ effectiveness in classrooms around the country to advance learning for all students. 

research based pedagogy
Student centered learning mastery

Student-centered learning

Throughout our curriculum, students have the opportunity to own their learning, expressing choice in content and showcasing their voice in assignments. Not only do we prepare students academically, but our curriculum also helps to build essential skills to set students up for success. 

Elevate Student Learning

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Engaging Core Curriculum for Grades K–12

Illustrative Math

Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics

Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics for grades K–12 offers the highest quality math curriculum powered by a best-in-class integrated learning experience that together promotes thinking and reasoning.

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Imagine Learning Twig Science

Comprehensive coverage of science standards through engaging hands-on and digital investigations in which K–8 students take on the roles of real-world scientists and engineers.

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EL Education

Imagine Learning EL Education

Incorporating a content-based approach to literacy instruction that utilizes real-world compelling texts that engage and excite learners, Imagine Learning EL Education is a comprehensive, core language arts program for grades K–8.

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LearnMore Guidebooks

Imagine Learning Guidebooks

Another comprehensive ELA solution, Imagine Learning Guidebooks immerses students in reading and writing lessons across genres. Students create a web of meaning critical to the development of reading and writing skills, and build understanding through text sets, compelling questions, and integrated reading and writing activities.

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A new digital application powering our core Mathematics and English Language Arts programs.