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We empower educators to enable breakthroughs for every student by enabling them with the most forward-thinking solutions at the intersection of people, curricula, and technology to creatively transform what’s possible for all educators and each student.

The future of learning is educators and curricula working together.

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Advance learning with innovative solutions

Everything we do— our products, solutions, research, and services— is deeply rooted in our relationships with educators. We know that by working together we can support and achieve greater learning. We’re helping districts anticipate future student learning needs with innovations that drive superior outcomes.

Our Solutions

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Online Courses and Credit Recovery

Help students meet their personal academic goals with more than 400 dynamic, customizable courses in core subjects, world languages, Advanced Placement®, and more.

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Core Curriculum

Research-based and proven to work, our digital-first core curriculum ensures students master grade-level, standards-aligned content in ELA, math, and science.

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Supplemental and Intervention

Our supplemental and intervention learning solutions adapt to meet students where they are and provide educators with the detailed insights they need to offer additional instruction and support.

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Multilingual Learners

Our solutions celebrate students’ existing language competencies as they work to hone their English literacy skills.

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Imagine School Services

Meet district-level goals and expand programs with K–12 certified teachers, special education services, and flexible tutoring and intervention options.

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Social and Emotional Learning

Our social and emotional learning offering helps students and educators develop life skills critical to learning and growth.

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College and Career Readiness

Prepare students for success in college and future careers by engaging them with relevant courses designed to deepen the connection between academic learning and career-focused skills.

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The Imagine Learning assessment system includes benchmark and formative assessments that yield rich insights into student performance to support personalized learning.

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Summer School and Extended Learning

Learning doesn’t stop once the school day ends; our programs are available for student use even when class is out for the day, week, term, or year.

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Professional Learning

We share your passion for helping every student reach their full potential, and our robust professional learning options are built to empower you to do so.

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Research and Impact

We conduct ongoing research on emerging topics within education to advance learning for all.

We are dedicated to developing research-validated, practice-tested digital curricula that promote deep, meaningful learning. We achieve this by gathering and translating well-accepted learning science into our innovative solutions. We then partner with school districts and independent researchers in conducting collaborative, rigorous studies that illuminate how our programs improve student learning. We use research insights to make product enhancements that further optimize student success.

Learn how we translate critical research into smart instructional design that propels learning outcomes for students.

Explore Our Research Foundations

Read our carefully designed research studies to examine the implementation and impact of our solutions on student achievement.

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