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Dual Language Solutions

Elementary student holding a pencil and smiling at a desk with a tablet and Imagine Learning character nearby

Dual Language Solutions

Help students achieve biliteracy with equitable and culturally respectful solutions that accelerate literacy and language development in both Spanish and English.


The increase in dual language programs in U.S. public schools from 2001 to 2021, 80% of which are Spanish


The year by which experts predict that the U.S. could surpass Spain as the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world

42 million

The approximate number of Spanish speakers in the U.S., according to the U.S. Census Bureau

Dual-language students perform as well or better than their peers in English-only classrooms on standardized tests across content areas.

Utilize the Power of Cross-Linguistic Transfer

Science of reading research shows that students need to build strong language-comprehension skills, in tandem with word recognition, to become skillful readers. Our dual language solutions give students direct, explicit, and systematic instruction and practice in all areas of language and literacy to improve academic outcomes in English and Spanish across all subjects.

Screenshot of an interactive Imagine Español lesson, featuring a cartoon child dressed as a train conductor giving a thumbs up in front of a train pulling cars with syllables in them.

Spanish Language Arts & Literacy

Imagine Español® accelerates Spanish language and literacy development with personalized learning for students in grades K–5.

Imagine Español

English Language Arts & Literacy

Imagine Language & Literacy® is the only personalized learning program that accelerates both literacy skills and English language development for students in grades PreK–6.

Imagine Language & Literacy
Screenshot of an Imagine Language & Literacy lesson. Two illustrated characters, both young boys, are looking at a frog. One character says, "Look, Mat! The frog has eggs!"
Screenshot of an Imagine Math interactive lesson involving addition. A cartoon boy wearing glasses stands in front of a wall of tools and behind a table with numbers placed upon it.
Screenshot of an Imagine Math 3+ lesson involving a diagram. Language selection between English and Español is present on the right of the screen.


Intentional math and language scaffolds in Imagine Math® encourage understanding and growth for dual language students. For grades PreK–2: Imagine Math is fully available in both English and Spanish. For grades 3+: first-language support and live bilingual (Spanish) tutoring are available.

Imagine Math

Biliteracy Supplemental Suite

Advance biliteracy and cultural competency for PreK–5 students with a suite of personalized, respectful literacy and language development solutions in Spanish and English.

Discover how Imagine Language & Literacy pairs with Imagine Español to provide direct, explicit, and systematic instruction and practice — perfect for dual language programs. Add Imagine Galileo® assessments to paint a comprehensive portrait of student achievement.

Imagine Language & Literacy
Imagine Español
Imagine Galileo

Discover the Biliteracy Supplemental Suite

Nurture Dual Language Success