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Speech Teletherapy


Speech Teletherapy

Certified, licensed speech-language pathologists ensure students receive the speech therapy minutes outlined in their IEPs through a secure and confidential online platform.
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Discover Equitable Access to Speech Services

With Speech Teletherapy Services, You’ll Receive:

Secure access to COPPA-compliant speech therapy

Growing staffing shortages challenge districts to give students the federally mandated speech therapy minutes they need. Imagine Learning’s nationally certified, fully licensed speech-language pathologists (SLPs) will provide services online to support students’ Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) — from home or school.

  • Address the shortage of certified, licensed, school-based speech-language pathologists
  • Guarantee that dedicated IEP minutes for each speech student are met
  • Identify and evaluate students who may need speech and/or language therapy
  • Meet all local, state, and federal special education compliance mandates
  • Offer educationally designed interventions that will address students’ IEPs
  • Provide transparency for stakeholders through a robust reporting system for speech and language therapy minutes provided (direct and indirect)

Customized sessions

Speech-language pathologists who are experienced in school settings customize sessions to your students’ grade and ability levels. Today’s students are comfortable with technology and love game-based activities. By utilizing technology in a fun and engaging way, speech teletherapy is exceptionally student-friendly and a proven platform for interactive learning, growth, and progress.

Streamlined administration and case management

Our dedicated team of qualified, nationally recognized speech pathologists will ensure your students receive quality, evidence-based speech therapy services. We’ll take care of everything else, too, including:

  • A safe, secure, and confidential teletherapy platform
  • Sourcing all your SLPs from one organization for ease in hiring, billing, management, and support
  • Daily reporting of student progress and at-a-glance reporting of all compliance activities
  • Seamless collaboration with school staff and support personnel

Privacy, protected

We’re committed to student privacy and data protection.

Support Your Students with Speech Teletherapy

Imagine Learning handles all case management duties, including:



Progress monitoring

Medicaid billing

Evaluation reports

Consultation with teachers and parents

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