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Math is all around us in daily life. We are all mathematicians, and both Illustrative and Imagine Math strive for instilling math confidence in every child.

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Personalize Math Breakthroughs for Each Student

Imagine Learning’s math solutions are designed to help students learn essential math skills, explain their thinking, and apply their learning inside and outside the classroom.

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Learning today to solve tomorrow

We support students in grades PreK–12 in their pursuit of honing critical math skills and healthy habits of mind. Our programs ensure students develop the academic discourse necessary to explain their rationale, critique the reasoning of others, and grapple with problem solving.

Success in school and college and career readiness

Our supplemental and core curricula feature inclusive instructional routines, engaging activities, real-world connections, and digital tools that promote thinking and reasoning. Actionable data enables teachers to inform instruction and improve math outcomes for every student.

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Math Supplemental Suite

Help every student build grade-level math skills with age-appropriate, personalized curricula.  

Discover how Imagine Math® pairs with Imagine Math Facts® and Imagine MyPath to deliver adaptive learning pathways that not only motivate students’ curiosity and provide intervention for essential skills, but also make math fluency fun and effective.

STEM Supplemental Suite

Imagine Learning Math Products

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Imagine IM

Rediscover the certified Illustrative Mathematics curriculum you know and trust — now enhanced with more tools and features. Imagine IM’s print and digital solution is driven by student discourse, built around focus, coherence, and rigor, and equips students to thrive.

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Imagine Math

Imagine Math

A supplemental math program that builds students’ aptitude to solve problems and justify reasoning both inside the classroom and in day-to-day life, ultimately moving them beyond computation to real comprehension.

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Imagine Math Facts

With award-winning gamification, make practicing fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division fun, fast, and effective for elementary students.

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My Path

Imagine MyPath

An intervention solution for math that delivers targeted, age-appropriate learning paths for all students, and targets achievement gaps using our intuitive Smart Sequencer™ technology.

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Achieve Lasting Success

Partner with Imagine Learning to provide your students with effective math solutions that inspire confidence and curiosity in all learners.

Our Research & Impact

Translating Research into Practice

Explore the research-based practices that informed the development of Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics.