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K5 Certified Teaching Services

Full-time, certified elementary teachers provide online students with flexible learning opportunities using engaging instruction, interactive lessons, and personalized support.
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Expand Student Choices with Certified Elementary Teachers

K–5 Certified Teaching Services Features and Benefits

Experienced and relational teachers

In elementary school, the teacher-student relationship and a predictable classroom schedule are integral to learning. That’s why Imagine Learning’s experienced teachers of record focus on authentically connecting with online K–5 students through engaging instruction and daily routines. Certified instructors provide individualized support, offer helpful feedback, and collaborate with families, schools of record, and school mentors to ensure each student’s success.

Imagine Learning’s highly qualified, state-certified teachers:

  • Average 17 years of teaching experience
  • Are trained in best online practices, student and family support, trauma-informed teaching, and cultural sensitivity and awareness
  • Keep office hours for 1:1 appointments with students
  • Respond via phone or text within one school day
  • Grade activities within three school days
  • Provide personalized remediation and enrichment
  • Offer ongoing progress updates to students, families, and mentors

Limitless learning at a personalized pace

Teacher-led instruction establishes connections, personalizes learning, and provides online students with the benefits of a predictable routine — just like they would experience in a physical classroom.

Elementary students working from home get access to engaging live instruction options 45 minutes per day, 5 days per week, and work at their own pace on personalized learning modules, quizzes, and tests. They can request one-on-one office hours with their teacher and receive 30 minutes per week of small group instruction if they need additional help in ELA or math.

Curriculum designed for online elementary learning

Students learn from videos, reading, and interactive games throughout semester-length (18-week) courses. Courses are broken down into modules, designed to take students less than a week to complete, with regular benchmark assessments and quizzes to maintain progress.

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“My teacher was very nice and did
morning meetings with us, and she
always helped us if we need it. When
my mom asks her a question, she
wrote back really fast to help us with
our problems, and she made sure we
understood. She always told us that
we could always ask her for her help.
Virtual class was good.”

David B.

Second Grade Instructional Services Student

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