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Supplemental & Intervention Solutions

Each program in the Imagine Learning Supplemental & Intervention Suite offers an engaging, age-appropriate learning experience, so students in grades PreK-12 can master skills across subject areas and achieve success, no matter where they are on their learning journey.

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Imagine+ Intervention and Supplemental Suite

Each Student Has the Potential to Shine

Our supplemental and intervention solutions support your school or district’s goal of a targeted and personalized learning environment for each student. 

Grade Level Skills

Personalization for grade-level success

Enrich your core curriculum with our engaging programs to support learning in literacy, math, Spanish language arts, and social and emotional learning.

Intervention and interrupted learning

Provide additional support for students who benefit from essential skills instruction and practice in reading and math.

Remediation Intervention
Bilingual Learners

Equitable learning experiences

Accelerate learning breakthroughs for multilingual learners with solutions that address their unique language needs in reading and math.

Expanded learning

Extend opportunities for instruction and practice outside of the traditional school day, including before and after school, summer, and school break programs.

Expanded Learning
Dual Language

Dual language

Immerse your students in Spanish through literacy and math programs that reflect the uniqueness of the language and the cultural heritage of its speakers.

Discover Supplemental Suites for Literacy, Biliteracy, STEM, and Math

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Imagine Language Literacy

Imagine Language & Literacy

Designed to complement any core literacy program, Language & Literacy is a personalized learning solution that accelerates reading and English language skill development for grades PreK–6.

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My Path

Imagine MyPath

A research-based intervention program for grades K–12 that uses adaptive technology to deliver age-appropriate individual learning paths to efficiently boost students up to grade-level and beyond.

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Imagine Math

Imagine Math

Through age-appropriate learning environments and a system of adaptive assessments, students always encounter the “just right” amount of challenge with a focus on scaffolding up to grade-level proficiency for Pre-K through geometry.

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Imagine Math Facts

Imagine Math Facts

Math Facts makes practicing for fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division fun, fast, and effective for elementary school students.

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My Path

Imagine MyPath

A research-based intervention program for grades K-12 that uses adaptive learning technology to deliver age-appropriate individual learning paths ensuring that all students are algebra ready.

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Spanish Language Arts


Imagine Español

To accelerate Spanish language and literacy development for students in grades K–2, Imagine Español focuses on the foundational skills essential to bilingualism, biliteracy, and cultural competency.

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Social and Emotional Learning

Purpose Prep

Imagine Purpose

Imagine Purpose is a comprehensive, CASEL-aligned social and emotional learning solution for the whole school community.

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Science, Technology, and Engineering


Imagine Robotify

Enable your students to start coding. We provide the curriculum, the easy-to-use tools, and all the resources you need to run an engaging CS program. Our interactive curriculum lets students learn at their own pace while also enjoying the gamified experience. 

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Our Research & Impact

Language & Literacy Helps English Learners

A multi-district study in the state of California found significant gains in English language acquisition for Imagine Learning students.

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MyPath Students Outperform Peers

A research brief demonstrates how MyPath students outperformed their peers by 33% on the NWEA® MAP® Growth Reading assessment.

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Imagine Math Users Experience Lasting Benefits

Imagine Math users were over three times more likely than non-users to be categorized as proficient on a statewide mathematics assessment.

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