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Imagine Purpose is a complete, CASEL-aligned SEL solution for your primary and secondary students and faculty and staff.

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A healthy foundation of lifelong learning

Our social and emotional learning curriculum helps students, faculty, and educators increase self-confidence, build and maintain healthy relationships, increase academic excellence, improve behavior, and find success both in and out of school.

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Imagine Purpose K–5

Age-appropriate, foundational SEL curriculum for your youngest students in grades K–5

Students are introduced to six primary emotions and begin by practicing recognizing emotions in themselves and others before they begin to practice regulating their emotions and appropriate emotional responses to others.

Early Development

When students learn SEL skills at a young age they develop better empathy, self-control, and teamwork.

Diverse Courses

Our media-rich program represents a variety of cultures so students can see themselves reflected in the lessons.

Integrable SEL

Our curriculum includes offline mini-lessons, activity worksheets, journaling pages, story-time activities, discussion questions, and family activities.

Imagine Purpose 6–12

A rich curriculum including nine full courses and an intervention library with over 125 topics

All lessons align to CASEL competencies, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) best practices. Educators can use the full courses or individual lessons for a fully customizable approach to SEL.

Success After School

Students who participate in SEL exhibit an increased ability to manage stress and depression with long-lasting gains for up to 18 years.

Relevant Courses

Our flexible SEL courses focus on the topics most relevant to students including climate and culture, college and career readiness, and more.

Customizable Content

Educators can assign existing content or create a unique SEL curriculum utilizing the nine full courses, over 125 intervention topics and hours of offline resources.

Imagine Purpose Educator

A tiered approach to supporting educators in their personal SEL journey

It is an on-demand, asynchronous SEL program built in an engaging, multi-media environment and includes videos, readings, reflections, podcasts, and supplemental resources.

Support for Teachers

Our SEL program for educators supports teachers and counselors in their work with students and is a valuable resource for their own mental well-being.

Adaptable Lessons

We can help you build a culture of SEL and support your teachers in developing their own SEL and gaining confidence in teaching SEL for students.

Open Conversation

Many teachers share they are worried about opening the door to tough conversations when they don’t have the answers. We help guide educators through those conversations.

Offer a Life-Changing Experience

Our Research

See how our five research-based practices help schools achieve positive SEL.