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Twig® Science

Discover a comprehensive, NGSS-aligned science program full of exciting, real-world STEM challenges that spark student engagement and a long-lasting love of science.
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Twig Science is a phenomena-based, multimedia adventure that taps into every student’s natural instincts to try to make sense of the world.

Twig was one of the best decisions we made…our teachers have been ecstatic about the quality of learning they have been able to facilitate [and] students have been equally impressed and highly engaged in science learning.”

Derek B.

Director of Teaching and Learning, Newberg School District, Oregon

Twig Science Features and Benefits

Find What Truly Inspires Them

Students investigate and make sense of phenomena through multiple modalities — hands-on activities, digital and video investigations, and collaborative projects — empowering each and every one to connect with learning tailored for them.

Collage of science lessons
Science fast track

From Finding Time to Saving Time

Getting started with Twig Science is easy — and with comprehensive yet simple assessment tools, countless opportunities to integrate with ELA lessons, and Twig Science Fast Track available for Grades K–6, the time you have for science will be richer than you ever imagined.

Adventures Designed Around Your Students

Along with some of the world’s leading STEM educators, we developed a program that connects everything students do to anchor phenomena and supporting investigative phenomena — providing tangible, real-world examples of science that extend far beyond the classroom.

Collage of science lessons

Take us with you

Download PDF program overviews to explore Twig Science highlights, features, and benefits in more detail.

Twig Science Elementary Brochure
Twig Science Middle School Brochure

You’ve never seen core like this before!

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